Christmas is around the corner and Super Channel invites viewers to grab a mug of hot chocolate and get ready to cozy up for their yearly fix of holiday flicks, with its annual Heart & Home Christmas holiday programming event. 

With nineteen holiday movies new to Super Channel Heart & Home, including fourteen titles making their Canadian premieres, this season’s offering of festive films is sure to keep viewers merry and bright all season long. Kicking off on November 21st and concluding on January 3rd, the holiday programming event gets underway with the Canadian broadcast premiere of Christmas 9 to 5, a Canadian made feature starring Tiya Sicar, Joe Dinicol, Sheila McCarthy and George Wendt. A second Canadian made title, Christmas Crush, will make its Canadian debut on Nov 28th. Viewers will then be treated to a new Canadian broadcast premiere every Saturday & Sunday night in December leading into the Christmas week, which will offer a new Canadian broadcast premiere every night of the week (Mon – Fri). A full listing follows below. As usual, all holiday movies will air commercial free and will be available on Super Channel On Demand throughout the holiday season and beyond.

“We could all use a little extra Christmas cheer this holiday season,” said Don McDonald, President and CEO, Super Channel. “With families spending more time together at home and looking for content to lift their spirits, we are excited to once again bring an outstanding collection of holiday films to Super Channel Heart & Home. Whether looking for movies that celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, the traditions of home and family, the fun and cheer of the holidays or just a little holiday romance, we invite everyone to join us for a feel-good, light-hearted escape at the end of a challenging year.”

With a heartwarming selection of new and returning Christmas themed movies as seen on Hallmark, UPtv, Lifetime and ION in the US, Super Channel Heart & Home has something for everyone to get into the holiday spirit this season.

Below is listing of the nineteen holiday titles that are new to Heart & Home (all movies begin at 8 p.m. ET):

Nov 21st – Christmas 9 to 5 CANADIAN PREMIERE (Canadian)

Starring Tiya Sircar, Joe Dinicol, Sheila McCarthy, George Wendt

Jennifer is a tough crime beat reporter who gets the assignment of her life: to find the true meaning of Christmas. When she goes undercover in a department store as a 9 to 5 sales clerk from Black Friday to Christmas Eve, she finds her true calling and meets the man of her dreams. It’s a Christmas she will never forget.

Nov 22nd – Last Chance for Christmas (Canadian)

Starring Hilarie Burton, Gabriel Hogan, Tim Matheson, Jayne Eastwood

When Prancer injures his hoof, Santa’s stable hand must find a fill in to ensure Christmas deliveries go off without a hitch. His mission gets complicated when he discovers that Frankie, the perfect substitute reindeer, belongs to a precocious 8-year-old girl and her mother Annie. As he races to get Frankie up to the North Pole, he realizes that he’s actually falling in love with Annie and has to find a way to win her over and save Christmas at the same time.

Nov 28th – Christmas Crush CANADIAN PREMIERE (Canadian)

Starring Cindy Sampson, Robin Dunne, Chris Violette

When Addie makes a Christmas wish for her neighbor, Sam, to fall in love with her, she’s not expecting anything to happen – and she definitely isn’t expecting the wish to go awry and cause her other neighbor, Pete, to fall in love with her instead. When Pete’s romantic gestures grow more and more over-the-top, Addie recruits Sam to help break the spell before Christmas. 

Nov 29th – Karen Kingsbury’s Maggie’s Christmas Miracle (Canadian)

Starring Jill Wagner, Luke MacFarlane, Lauren Guci

Maggie tries to maintain the balance of being a mother and having a career. When her son Jordan needs help at school, he meets Casey, a tutor, and the two quickly bond. As Casey becomes a father figure, Jordan wishes his mum could find love again. Based on the book Maggie’s Miracle by Karen Kingsbury. 

Dec 5th – Shoelaces for Christmas CANADIAN PREMIERE

Starring Bailey Chase, Jessica Morris, Mia Topalian

After an altercation with her ailing mother, self-absorbed teenager Jennifer inadvertently stumbles into a local homeless shelter late one evening. Upset with his daughter’s selfish attitude, Jennifer’s father offers an ultimatum which includes her volunteering at the shelter in the hope she will learn to be responsible and compassionate toward others.

Dec 6th – A Date by Christmas Eve CANADIAN PREMIERE

Starring Vanessa Lengies, Evan Williams, Katherine Bailess, Julie McNiven, Morgan Fairchild

When Chelsea Simms, the good-hearted brand strategist for the popular dating app The Nice List, discovers the app has granted her magical powers, she uses her newfound ability to make all of the ‘naughty’ people in her life learn how to be good again. But when her plans go awry and Fisher, the kindly neighbor who has always carried a torch for Chelsea, is magically added to the naughty list by mistake, Chelsea must race against time to set things right before Christmas Eve.

Dec 12th – Christmas Harmony CANADIAN PREMIERE

Starring Kelley Jakle, Adam Mayfield, Chandra Wilson, Adam Mayfield, Sally Struthers

A soft-spoken woman is used to living in the shadow of her pop star boyfriend, but when he breaks up with her right before the holiday season, she returns to her hometown to discover the heart and music that her big city life has been missing.

Dec 13th – Christmas with a Crown CANADIAN PREMIERE (Canadian)

Starring Lisa Durupt, Marcus Rosner, Teryl Rothery

When a successful woman returns to her hometown to revive her family’s Christmas festival, she meets a dashing stranger who’s volunteered to help organize the event. Sparks begin to fly between them, but little does she know that he’s really a prince in disguise, longing to find the true spirit of the holidays! It will take a Christmas miracle of royal proportions for their hearts to meet as one. 

Dec 19th – A Crafty Christmas Romance CANADIAN PREMIERE

Starring Nicola Posener, Bradford B. Johnson

Mandy, the owner of a craft and hobby store, finds a 70-year-old letter to Santa and a valuable coin in a copy of “A Christmas Carol.” Along with Jonah, a contractor who donated the book, Mandy sets out to find the author in time for Christmas.

Dec 20th – Lonestar Christmas CANADIAN PREMIERE (Canadian)

Starring Stephanie Bennett, Marco Grazzini, Brent Stait, Colleen Wheeler, Lina Renna, Emma Oliver, BJ Harrison

When a single mom Erin (Stephanie Bennett) takes her daughters to spend Christmas with her estranged dad on his Texas ranch, she unexpectedly falls in love with local restaurateur Mateo while learning to forgive her father for the past.

Dec 21st – Christmas Hotel CANADIAN PREMIERE

Starring Tatyana Ali, Sean Patrick Thomas

Erin, a big city hotelier, finds her promotion is based on returning to her hometown and restructuring the Mt. Holly Inn, where she got her start, which the townspeople are less than thrilled about. And heading up the charge? Erin’s ex-boyfriend Conner. But when several hotel staff members come down with the flu, Erin is forced to enlist Conner’s help with the hotel’s Christmas events. As the two re-establish their relationship, Erin has to figure out if what she really wants is a promotion or to be home again.

Dec 22nd – Christmas Together CANADIAN PREMIERE

Starring Anna Marie Dobbins, Vivica A. Fox, Marc Herrmann, Riley Coe, Anthony Carro

A broken-hearted New York painter, Ava, and a West Coast widower, Mason, have their lives collide when Mason’s young daughter, Mia, rents out his guest house to Ava for Christmas, without her dad’s knowledge, in an attempt to convince her dad she is responsible enough to earn a dog for Christmas.

Dec 23rd – Christmas by Chance CANADIAN PREMIERE (Canadian)

Starring Neil Whitely, Celeste Desjardins, Jacob Blair

Chance Hazelton owns a struggling, “hard-to-find” gift shop called “Gifts by Chance”. As the Christmas shopping season approaches, Chance is hired by William Richards, a wealthy and popular entrepreneur to help him organize the perfect proposal for his girlfriend Leyla Brooks.

Dec 24th – Christmas Coupon CANADIAN PREMIERE

Starring Courtney Mathews, Aaron Noble, Robert Laenen

Alison Grant, a former figure-skating champion, teaches skating lessons to children. On the first day of class, her old high school sweetheart and now famous hockey player, Ivan Hall, unexpectedly shows up to bring his niece for lessons. While an initially cold reunion ensues, eventually Alison warms up to Ivan again.

Dec 25th – A Very Country Christmas Homecoming CANADIAN PREMIERE (Canadian)

Starring Greyston Holt, Bea Santos, Raven Stewart, Deana Carter

Country singer superstar Zane Gunter just wants to protect his new family from unwanted publicity. But a confrontation with the paparazzi, and his step-daughter’s absentee paternal grandfather arriving unexpectedly, Zane knows he will need a lot of help to create the lifestyle he wants for those he loves.

Dec 26th – A Royal Christmas Engagement CANADIAN PREMIERE

Starring Paige Bach, James Nitti, John Schneider

A Manhattan ad agency boss, John Holiday, entrusts Lauren to deliver the big pre-holiday client pitch, but only winds up annoying her when she’s teamed up with a European 

consultant. To Lauren’s surprise, this consultant turns out to be the handsome Prince Edward of Candashire, masquerading as his consultant pal to escape his royal duties for an incognito American Christmas.

Dec 27th – A Bramble House Christmas (Canadian)

Starring Autumn Reeser, David Haydn-Jones, Liam Hughes

Finn Conrad wants to know why his recently deceased father left his nurse fifty thousand dollars after knowing her a mere six weeks. So, he travels to Bramble House B&B in Marietta, Montana to find answers. But Willa Fairchild is not the conniving woman he expects to find. Before he knows it, Willa-and her six-year-old son Scout – are stealing his heart. And that’s before he finds out Scout’s secret and the real reason this Christmas is so important.

Jan 2nd – Christmas at Cartwright’s (Canadian)

Starring Alicia Witt, Gabriel Hogan, Wallace Shaun, Gabrielle Miller

Nicky is a single mother, unemployed and broke at Christmas and desperate to find a job in order to make her young daughter’s holiday a happy one. With the aid of an angel, she gets a job as a department store Santa and happens to meet the love of her life.

Jan 3rd – Angels Sing  

Starring Harry Connick Jr., Connie Britton, Willie Nelson

As a child, Michael Walker wished every day could be Christmas. That is, until a tragic accident crushed his holiday spirit. Thirty years later, Michael still can’t muster any joy for the holidays, despite encouragement from his playful wife and well-intentioned parents. But when his young son faces a tragedy, Michael needs to make amends with his past. A mysterious man named Nick gives Michael a gift and instills in him the courage to find the joy that he lost.