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As we get closer to the season finale of Mr. Robot (only 2 more episodes!) each week is more fast-paced, action packed [and confusing] than the last. This week saw Joanna recruiting Elliot to help find Tyrell, saw the FBI getting closer and closer to fsociety, and saw me scratching my head as I tried to keep it all straight! Let’s get at it, shall we?

First, Elliot. At the end of last week, Joanna was at Elliot’s home. Why? Well, it seems that Joanna believes that Tyrell is alive and well and wants Elliot to find him. This is funny, considering we have been led to believe that Elliot killed Tyrell and possibly stuffed him in the trunk of a car. Elliot agrees however. Perhaps he doesn’t trust Mr. Robot after all? And spends much of the episode using hacks to track the phone that was delivered to Joanna. At one point Elliot tracks the calls to a specific address, but Mr. Sutherland assures Elliot that there’s no way Tyrell would be calling from that address.

Elsewhere, Darlene and Cisco are attempting to get help for Vincent. After Cisco found him badly injured at the Smart Home, they take him to the hospital for treatment. While they’re at the hospital, Dom is busy looking for them. She puts out an all points bulletin for Cisco and is able to track him to the hospital after a nurse recognizes him and calls it in. However, by the time Dom arrives, they’ve moved on to a diner. On their trail, she follows them into the diner, just as the Dark Army attacks. Dom survives another shooting, but what about Darlene and Cisco???

Finally, Elliot and Angela meet on the subway. She’s ready to give up and admit everything to the FBI. In a bittersweet moment, Elliot leaves her on the subway, but not before he kisses her for the first time. As Elliot escapes the subway care two figures enter and the show ends on yet another cliffhanger.

We’ve got two episodes left! Joins us on Wednesday night at 10:30pm PST and stop in next week for the penultimate recap of Mr. Robot Season 2.