The panel on the 50th Anniversary of 2001: A Space Odyssey was not overly eventful. It was nice to have the original two actors from the film on stage presenting but the actors were also probably have the least interesting things to say about the film. The true stars of the film, co-writer and Science Fiction legend Arthur C. Clarke, and director Stanley Kubrick, have both died and it is their vision that is the most captivating part of the film. Other major contributors, such as Anthony Masters the production designer who was responsible for the groundbreaking special effects and all of the films composers have all died.

The reflections provided back upon the film are in no way bad or undeserving and the scientific analysis is always interesting to hear but there really was nothing new presented. The film has drawn immense amounts of literature both from the cinematic and scientific community so there is barely an individual frame within the film that has gone without analysis of some sort.

It is nice the film will be coming out in 4K digital but still the proper way to watch it, and the way it was designed to be seen, is within a theater on 70mm film.