In this week’s episode of the Bold Type, much drama unfolds.

Between Jane’s search for a new job (did she ever do that writeup on Dr. Ben’s medical practice, or was she too lost in his eyes to finish?), Kat’s relationship with Adena, and Sutton’s further complications in her fashion job, the viewers certainly had their hands full.

Brooke Langley, the influencer, tangles with Sutton’s work as a fashion assistant. The reveal of Kat’s being promoted to social media director in four years time weighs on Sutton, who feels as though she should have accomplished more in her four years and 3 months at Scarlet magazine.

We haven’t finished with Brooke though…

Jane and Dr. Ben bond over being “one of those nerds” over a meal, and they’re so adorable. He’s checking in on her and the fact that she’s comfortable enough with him to reveal her firing is super sweet.

Kat and Adena have a joint calendar. Kat is enthralled by this, and my heart melted at her reaction. Apparently the “New York Art world lesbian scene” is old news. But Adena was totally hiding something there.


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I’m living for ambitious Sutton. She steps up with Oliver, offering to do more than simply Sutton’s people skills help her make a friend with Brooke, over a fitting with the influencer the next morning. I’m happy to see Sutton working hard to build up connections in the fashion world.

Jane is conflicted by Ben’s religious background, and Kat’s defense of religion speaks to how her world was opened by dating a Muslim woman.

Ryan, aka Pinstripe, runs into Jane at a coffee shop, where she’s often seen writing. When he tells her about his gossip reporting gig, Jane charms her way into tagging along to an upcoming get together at the Bronze Bomber.


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As Jane heads out to her “platonic” get together with Pinstripe, Sutton so eloquently questions her about a “good triangle” between Jane, Pinstripe, and Dr. Ben. The quips ensue as Sutton asks for an in to the club for herself and Brooke.

Jane playfully flirts with Pinstripe over a drink, after which she scouts a Nicks player, his trainer and a brand guy. Apparently a basketball player changing brands is a story. How the other half lives.


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Adena goes with Kat to the lesbian bar where Adena’s friend Leila’s party is being held. Kat seems quite overwhelmed, but the mix of Adena’s ex-girlfriends/hookups is reason for Kat to suspect her girlfriend isn’t telling her anything.

“Baby’s first lesbian bar” went well. Kat decides to confront Adena on her “number” of women she’s slept with, but Adena refuses, wanting to put other relationships behind her. Adena’s distracting of her girlfriend works, making Kat late for her dinner with Sutton.

Jane and Ben have a cute night in over Chinese, wine, and a game of Scrabble. Jane is still uncomfortable with Ben’s being religious and a doctor, a man of science and faith. They have words and Jane decides to leave.

Sutton, Jane and Kat all decide to go to the Bronze Bomber. Kat wants to work things out with Adena, Sutton plans on hanging with Brooke, and Jane wants to work the beat with Pinstripe.

I love the throwback to Sutton’s petite fours story. The fact that Sutton had cause to bring up the story is so funny to me. Things sour when Sutton discovers a $500 charge on her Scarlet card. When confronted by the fashion assistant, Brooke defends herself, claiming that the “michellaneous” party favors aren’t anything to worry about. But Sutton understandably doesn’t see the $800 total working well with her boss Oliver.

Kat and Adena speak about Kat’s worries, as Adena reminds her that her girlfriend she has been with more women then her. She wants to protect Kat, but Kat presses, implying she can’t trust Adena to stay with her. I guess she “knows how Coco felt” when Kat and Adena were first getting to know each other. Ouch!

Jane spots Chad Horford, a news anchor who interviewed her against her menstrual cup story, having an affair with another woman. His wife is pregnant, and Ryan says it makes for a scandalous story. Jane is uncomfortable with ruining people’s lives in any capacity, questioning why Ryan does this gig, while he has a novel he’s working on during the day.

Sutton decides against telling Oliver the truth about the charges on her card, wanting to be invited to an upcoming Chanel dinner party and make connections within the fashion world.

Jane returns to see Ben later on, opting to tell Dr. Ben why she can’t believe in God when she still lost her mother. I love the line he says here, “You don’t have to believe in God to have faith that you’ll be okay Jane.” I agree with this sentiment, being raised Catholic, but understanding as an adult that I didn’t want to believe in that religion. It’s a matter of personal choice. Things end in sweet kisses as the scene ends.

Kat is fed up with Adena as they leave the bar. She’s sick of the bullshit. Adena admits now that she’s afriad for herself, being in the United States with a temporary visa. She wishes she could visit her mother but doesn’t know she’ll be able to return to Kat in the states. They reconcile, saying “I love you” happily. Kat still wants to know a number, but Adena simply says “a lot” as they come together.