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Episode Synopsis:

Things heat up between Nick and Reagan over who can provide the loft with the best air conditioning unit. Meanwhile, Winston uses his “cop voice” to help Schmidt prep Cece for a newscaster audition.

The Gang:

Nick & Reagan- If you’ve probably already guessed, this episode deals with a heat wave and we see that in the loft, the gang for some reason doesn’t have AC, so they’re trying to keep themselves cool any way that they can. Nick thinks he’s pretty much a genius because he’s found all different types of ways to stay cool, which includes a ton of fans, a pool filled with bags of ice and wearing frozen underwear. Suddenly, there is suffering no more, when Reagan walks in with a new air conditioner. Of course Nick gets mad about this and after a little bit of banter, Reagan comes out and says that she knows that Nick has a crush on her. Later, after a lot more banter between the two about how Nick thinks Reagan has a crush on him, which is why she’s worried about his well-being, they fight over the electricity box and end up creating a total blackout. They end up heading down to the basement to fix the problem and when at first they fix the electricity, Nick ends up messing it up again when after a little sexual tension between him and Reagan, she points out that there is a rat behind him, which jumps onto Nick’s face and makes him fall and blow out the fuse again. I gotta say, I cringed a little bit when I thought Reagan and Nick were going to kiss because after all; I am a huge Nick and Jess fan. As we all are. And when the rat jumped on Nick’s face, I about died. Typical bad luck for Nick Miller. At the very end of the episode, Nick and Reagan are sitting on the side of the road, and Nick goes into this whole speech about how hot Reagan is and how she’s amazing, blah blah blah, and then she kisses him. Ugh. Why, writers, why! Yea, I know Nick and Reagan’s banter is somewhat cute and all, but doesn’t it remind you of another couple we’ve seen banter throughout the seasons? Nick and Jess! That was their thing. They bantered and Nick told Jess about the things that made her hot and ugh. Can we just get Jess back now and kick Reagan out, even though I do like her character. Ugh! The dilemma.

Schmidt, Winston & Cece- Our B storyline is all about Cece’s dilemma to go to or not to go to an interview for a news casting job. She makes up her mind that she’s not going to the interview, which makes Schmidt upset because he really believes she will do well. Winston tries to help him out by using his “cop voice” on Cece and makes her say why she won’t go to the interview. She reveals that she’s afraid she won’t be good enough. Also, we get a callback to Winston getting a cranberry stuck in his ear, which was hilarious. They’ve been doing a lot of callbacks this season, which I love. Later, while sitting on the couch, Schmidt asks Cece again if she’s going to go to the audition and after she says “no,” Schmidt decides to use his own “cop voice” and rather harshly gives Cece a pep talk about how she should go to the audition. I actually really loved this scene, because it was nice to see Schmidt be stern for once and tell it like it is. We haven’t seen that since his little pep talks with Nick and Jess, so it was refreshing. At the end, we find out that Cece did indeed go to the audition, but she did terribly because she was drunk. We also get to see the scene of Cece doing her audition and it was so funny. The best was her putting on deodorant in the middle of it and saying she didn’t know whose it was.

Overall, I actually really liked the episode. It was way better than the last few we’ve seen. There were a lot more laugh out loud moments and there was some more progression between the characters. We finally ended the ongoing debacle about Nick having a crush on Reagan. And we had a nice breakthrough between Schmidt and Cece and their relationship. Winston’s character development took a little step back this episode, but it’s always nice to see him help his friends. So Jess finally comes back next week and I’m super excited about it. It’s been interesting because I thought Reagan was a nice addition to the rest of the gang, and I still think so, but Jess has definitely been missed. I need her quirkiness back and her words of wisdom. Like I said last week, I can’t wait to see the interaction between her, Reagan and Nick. Hope something juicy happens.


4/5 glasses rating