Victor is a dumb

I Only Included This Because I Adore Victor – Gotham – Fox

Things are getting crazy in Gotham, I mean…crazier than usual. And it’s not even the fun kind of crazy – like that time Jerome played Russian Roulette – but it’s ore like the dark, brooding kind. You’d think this was the life story of Batman or something. Regardless, Ed has basically lost his marbles, there’s a new Falcone in town, and Victor Zsasz is still my favorite character. But you didn’t come here to hear me rant about the little things, let’s dive into what made this episode!

Edward spent hours on a half-baked plan to capture and kill Penguin, but when his riddles backfire, and he goes to find Oswald himself, he admits that his mind is gone. Oswald decides against re-freezing him in lieu of watching Edward suffer to find himself again – something Ed isn’t sure is possible. Now, The Riddler is one of my favorite original comicbook villains, so seeing him essentially lose the thing that makes him so vicious is fascinating to me. I can’t wait to see what lengths he’ll go to to get his mind back.

Poor eddy

Sweet Eddy Is Just A Little Lost – Gotham – Fox

Oswald spends most of the episode terrorizing Sofia Falcone, who claims she only came to Gotham to help with her family’s charities, and because Gotham is her home. Oswald mentions three of Don Falcone’s Cappas who went underground, but she assures Penguin she wants nothing to do with his rule on Gotham. The Cappas track her down and she tells them the same, though Penguin interrupts long enough to take them out and let Zsasz do his thing. Sofia is VERY obviously playing everyone around her, though of course that doesn’t stop Gordon from making out with her on a couch. Am I saying I’m in love with her because she’s a manipulative badass? …Yes.

Sofia Falcone

I Have A Weakness For Dimples And Strong Jawlines Sue Me – Gotham – Fox

Speaking of good ol’ Jim Gordon, he and Bruce end up having to buddy up this episode. After Bruce gives the embalming knife to a historian named Dr. Winthrop and his grandson Alex, hoping they could give him more detail on what it is he’d purchased, things go a little sideways. Raj Al Ghul murders the good doctor – whose last words echoed the engravings on the knife he’d been examining. Though Raj Al Ghul’s search was useless, considering Alex went into hiding with the knife in his possession.

The prophecy

The Prophecy Of The Demon’s Head – Gotham – Fox

The hunt for Alex was on, with Jim and Bruce tracking down leads (even though Bruce was actually expressly told “no,” to tagging along.) and Raj turning to a terrifying humanoid creature named Anubis to hunt down the boy. Things come to an intense impasse when Raj and Anubis attack Bruce, Jim, and Alex. Jim manages to get rid of Anubis, though Raj gains the upperhand when he puts a knife to Alex’s neck. In a heartless act, he takes Alex’s life, something that will rest on Bruce’s shoulders for as long as he lives – at least so he believes.

While this episode wasn’t EXTREMELY eventful, it definitely highlighted some important details – and had some hilarious comedic moments. (come on guys, Zsasz bobbing his head to the street rappers made me laugh so hard.) Does this mean Bruce is just…a few easy steps away from joining the league and learning their inner workings? I can’t say for sure, but you should tune in every Thursday on Fox to catch up on the newest episode of Gotham!