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I figured I should follow up my earlier post with some appreciation for Ruby and Sapphire.

The two gems make up a character many of us are emanated by: Garnet. But both gems stand well on their own.

Reflecting on their backstory, Sapphire was sent to earth by Blue Diamond to ascertain the progress on the cluster embedded in the earth. The ruby brigade assigned to protect her included the Ruby we know and love, who took a shining to Sapphire during her time protecting the foretold gem.

Garnet accidentally fused as Ruby and Sapphire came together in a field, and the rest they say is history.

As a viewer, I can appreciate the sweet moments between Ruby, hot-headed and often impulsive, and Sapphire, more demure, calculating and inquisitive.


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All in all, I’d love to explore more backstory for Sapphire and Ruby as standalone characters in Steven Universe, rather than simply as the two exist as Garnet. Hopefully, with Sapphire running off into the warp, we’ll begin to understand just how volatile a reaction she could have when faced with Pink Diamond’s betrayal.

And what of Ruby? What will make her want to go solo? How will Steven help the two understand the importance of Sapphire and Ruby resuming their life as Garnet, a fusion of love and trust, and a canon lesbian/platonic queer relationship?

Tune in next week on Monday July 2nd at 7:30 for the 5-night Steven Universe event to learn more.