Without a database, all pertinent information can possibly go astray. Therefore, most big companies and even small enterprises have their own database management system, or commonly known as DBMS. By having a Exam-Labs.com , it’s now easy to manage huge data volume so multiple users can work simultaneously. Aside from handling data, DBMS also maintains critical relationships between all relevant data sources. This means that through database, you can easily access the needed information and details for your daily tasks.

With the endless list of reasons why the database is important among businesses and organizations, many people are now interested in this particular IT sector. So, how do you successfully seek this IT specialization despite the hard-hitting competition in the industry? Continue reading to know the answer.

Get Started with MTA Certification

If it’s your first time hearing MTA badges, you’re clearly missing half of your life! For IT people, the Microsoft MTA 98-364 VCE Exam Dumps is tagged to be one of the most practical ways to jumpstart your IT career. Why? It’s simply because these credentials are designed by the ever-reliable IT corporation – Microsoft.

The MTA, or Microsoft Technology Associate, is meant for those who have a little background in IT areas and Microsoft technologies. Though MTA’s are not considered compulsory for MCSA (associate-level) and MCSE (expert-level) certifications, these are highly instrumental because they prepare you for a much more complicated IT specialization.

So, if you want to start an IT career path but you’re unsure of how to layout your thoughts, here’s something you can use as a guide.

Activate Your Database Career with Microsoft 98-364

Let’s start with the basics. The Exam-Labs 70-410 is the sole validation of your fundamental familiarity with databases which will get you the MTA badge. Thus, if you want to substantiate your database knowledge, this accreditation is the one you’re looking for. This test takes you to a significant journey of understanding introductory database features as well as basic Microsoft SQL Server tools. As for the characteristics of this assessment, it will cost you $127 and in the main exam you’ll be exposed to a minimum of 40 questions that are to be complete within 45 minutes.

But before you kick off your MTA badge path, it’s suggested that you have at least a basic command of database terminologies and concepts. If not, there are significant courses you can complete beforehand so you can smoothly prepare for your MTA assessment. 

Run through Pressing Database Topics Using Official Exam Content

Microsoft certification exams are well-designed for your specific career needs. Since you have chosen the database path, test 98-364 is just the right way to fuel up your interest in this field.

So here are the integral database concepts and related features that are highly given importance by this Microsoft accreditation:


  • Central database terms and concepts


Data, tables, Download Now are some of the most important terms you will come across when learning about databases. As a start, you will be introduced to the significance of tables when storing data, including the use of relational database management systems. Then, you will have to understand how the two popular SQL commands (DML and DDL) work.


  • Database objects


Knowing how to design database objects is another area covered in the main test. At this stage, you will learn some valuable tasks such as selecting the right data type, create tables, handle views, and manage stored procedures.


  • Insights on data manipulation


If you have an idea of how to manipulate data, then you won’t have a hard time dealing with database-related tasks. With the support of 98-364, you will be skilled in using SELECT queries, adding data, ensures data updates, and even delete data from tables.


  • Data storage


Data storage is one of the most essential features in the database. Some of the basic responsibilities that you will learn at this point include normalizing databases, administering different index types, and using both primary and composite keys.


  • Proper database administration


Database also involves security, backups, and restoration. Through this assessment, you will competently secure a database, manage user accounts, restore key information, and such.

Hone Your Database Command with Microsoft and Exam-labs.com’s All-around Study Materials

For your MTA exam, you should give priority to the official prep resources. Make sure that you avail of the classroom training that is supervised by a Microsoft training specialist. Once you complete the 3-day classroom course, it will be easy to answer the vendor’s practice test for 98-364. This particular mock test is a useful tool to know your test proficiency so you can take necessary actions before the big day. By answering the questions from this practice test, you secure a much better understanding of databases.

If you want to get extra insights about your upcoming assessment, you can depend on the practice tests offered by Exam-labs.com. Their free mock tests give you excellent acumen of the topics evaluated so you become more confident when answering the real exam. Moreover, this provider gives access to the paid mock test validated by IT experts that goes in the form of the 98-364 Premium ETE File ($49.99). However, it’s essential for you to make use of the ETE Player that not only helps run these ete files but also mimics the environment of the actual assessment. With Download great deal of reliable ete files, you will never run out of new knowledge that you can apply to your professional undertakings.


With the rising number of companies realizing the worth of database, picking this career path is such a noteworthy move. You will not just gain indispensable knowledge but also acquire a golden ticket as a flourishing IT profession. So, act now and build your skills as early as possible with the MS-500 Questions and its related MTA in Data Fundamentals credential. And don’t forget to utilize those updated practice tests that Exam-labs.com offers you.