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I watched The Toys That Made Us on Netflix. I am honestly unsure if I like it or not. It has a lot of awesome information. They really seem to know their history. I think it’s great that they have people who were there to sit in and tell us about what really went on. I personally don’t care for how much they jump around in the show. This particular episode was about Star Trek. Well, mainly about Star Trek but with a lot of Star Wars thrown in. Now let’s get on to the episode content.

Star Trek was a tough sell. Its creator is Gene Roddenberry. He pitched it as “A wagon train to the stars. Zap guns instead of six shooters, space ships instead of horses.” It was surprisingly Lucille Ball that gave it a chance. Ultimately though, the cost of producing Star Trek caused Lucille Ball to sell her production company to Paramount. So they had a show but no toys.

It was AMT who helped out Star Trek. They built for the show a shuttle craft that would go from the Enterprise to the planet for free. They did this in exchange for the rights to make toys for Star Trek. They made models of the U.S.S. Enterprise, the Klingon ships as well as other shuttles and crafts from the show.

Remco had the license for a while and did horrible. They made toys that had absolutely nothing to do with the show. There were toys like tanks and helmets that all they did was take preexisting toys, change the stickers and pass them off for Star Trek toys. They didn’t even make the army men look like the crew.

For many years Mego did a great job with the Star Trek toys. They made the characters look like the crew and made some absolute fun toys that kept kids engaged. They made toys that action figures could play on as well as toys that use to make adventures on their own. Mego did however take “poetic license” on a number of Star Trek toys. The Gorn figure being an excellent example, the toy looks nothing like the actual character on the show.

There were a lot of toy companies that made star trek toys. Here are some of them mentioned: Mego, AMT (Aluminum Model Toy Company), Remco, Azarak Hamway, Ertl, Galoob, Playmates Toys, Art Asylum (later to be known as Diamond Select), McFarland and Eaglemoss. Toys of all kinds were made. Like the punching bag, freezicles, parachuting Kirk and Spock, Controlled Space Flight Enterprise, Helmet with light on top, Action figures, tricorder, super phaser 2 target game, communicator (walkie talkie), models of the different crafts and ships. The most popular toy was of course, the U.S.S. Enterprise.

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All in all I loved the information that was in the episode. I learned a lot about Star Trek that I didn’t know. The format just wasn’t to my liking. It’s worth at least a watch. It helped a lot that I like Star Trek a lot. My personal favorite Star Trek is Voyager. What’s yours? Let me know in the comments below. Till next week…