Netflix released a new original called “Set It Up” it is a movie about two assistants who make a pact to set their uptight bosses up so that they have more free time due to their bosses not being at work all the time.  The film itself was incredibly cheesy but it was fun to watch at a girls night with a nice amount of wine.

The film centers around two assistants who miss out on their lives because their bosses are very workaholic and make them stay overtime and come in hours before everyone else.  Harper and Charlie, the assistants, meet when Charlie’s boss demands food ASAP and Harper was picking up her order.  Harper didn’t have the money to cover her order and Charlie ended up taking it.  From this moment they realized they have a lot in common and got the idea to set their bosses up.

The various plans they have to make their bosses fall in love worked, but it all worked because Harper and Charlie knew exactly how to make every situation perfect for both people.  All the while Harper and Charlie get very close and realize that they have a lot in common.

By the end, the bosses realize that they are not meant to be while the assistants quit and kiss one another. The movie is very predictable and cheesy, but it was still fun to watch.  The actors were fun to watch and the movie was interesting enough where it kept you watching without too much secondhand embarrassment.