We open to family and friends surrounding Jorge and Bernardo because they got jumped by men that hate gays. Luis begged Jorge to stop wearing drag because it’s dangerous. He told his dad that he isn’t going to not wear dresses because he is a drag performer. Luis, Jorge’s dad, was very unhappy about this. On all accounts.

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Josie, who is trying to get her career going, has her hands tied trying to move forward. Mr. Cabot put in the contract that Josie is only allowed to play gigs he approves of nor has he moved forward on the EP that Josie made. So Josie is sending her EP out herself. Pepper is trying to go legit which shocked Ms. Freesia. Lunch with KO went ok but was a little awkward. Finding out that Alexandria and KO are dating threw Katy a little. They both enjoyed the hug they shared a lot. Katy was under the impression that she, and she alone, had the internship. Now she has to beat out other hopefuls.

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Jorge called Buzz and Buzz actually showed up. If you don’t remember Buzz, he is Jorge’s ex boyfriend. They broke up because Buzz refused to be seen with him in public. Pepper is trying to go legit. She has to throw together a party with artists by tomorrow night to wrangle in someone that can giver her capitol. Jorge’s dad, came back to apologize for walking out on him. He then begs Jorge to stop dressing as Ginger. Katy’s first assignment from Guy is to get a dress back from Alexandria. Katy so doesn’t want to get in that mess. Joise goes ahead and makes a music video. When KO and Alexandria show up at the party she is wearing the dress that Guy wants Katy to get from Alexandria.

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Pepper’s party is falling apart at the seams. First people were late showing up. Then Chad, who is a potential investor, was unimpressed because of people being late. Both Cabots show and Josie doesn’t want to be near Alexandria, Chad wants nothing to do with either Cabot. Jorge makes a great toast. Ms. Freesia showed up at the end. Katy, Jorge, Josie, Alexander, KO, Alexandria, Pepper and Ms. Freesia sat down chatting and Ms. Freesia talks about Pepper but reveals stuff about her that Pepper had lied about. Remember when Pepper helped Ginger get her Kiss of the Spider Woman show up and going? She had to promise Josie a part as well as Alexandria but Jorge thought Ginger was going to have the part. A bunch of lies fell apart in that conversation. Then Alexandria spills wine on the dress Katy need to get back.

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Does Katy get the dress back? Does Jorge listen to his dad or does he stay true to himself? Did Chad invest in the Pepper Plant? How are you liking Katy Keene? I love the diversity of characters in the show. Til next week…