As part of TVLine’s Fall Preview Spoiler Spectacular, they released this never before seen Gilmore Girls picture & some new scoop!

Upon seeing this picture I immediately had so many thoughts that my brain short-circuited. Here they are for your reading pleasure:

  1. AAAAH
  2. OMG
  3. […] a lot more excited scream-like & unintelligible thoughts happened
  4. The movie theatre <3
  5. Luke & Lorelaiiiii omg
  6. Why is Lorelai on the phone though, where’s Kirk to yell at her?
  7. Why does Luke look so concerned?
  8. Why is he pointing at himself?
  9. Why does Lorelai look concerned too?!
  10. OMG what is happening @ ASP
  11. Is that Chinese food from Al’s Pancake House?
  12. HI LANE!
  13. How’s the band going?
  14. Seriously whose on the phone?!
  15. Omg this better not be the phone call that Lorelai gets to inform her Richard is dead *CRIES*
  16. That was supposed to have already happened!
  17. I CANNOT keep it together watching people grieve.
  19. Is she okay?!
  20. Does this mean something bad happens for her to come back and spend a year in Stars Hollow?

Now let’s get to some of that “new” info:

  1. ASP says she spent a LOT of time designing the opening shot in Winter because “it will be the first time we’ve seen Stars Hollow in a while so I needed things to look a very specific way”
  2. Amy referred to each of the 4 episodes as more mini-movies
  3. Lauren Graham supports this movie-let idea & adds that each episode has its own strong narrative punch & can stand alone.
  4. Fall is the episode with the most touching story & the most emotional; “it’s the culmination of the journey”
  5. Graham says the highly anticipated final four words are completely unexpected & not anything like “Goodbye Stars Hollow”
  6. We can also rule out “I’m actually a vampire” although those words could have lead to an interesting supernatural spinoff.

You have 2 months left to complete your Gilmore Girls series binge, you can watch the show on Netflix or get the DVD set here. The new episodes will drop on Netflix on Friday November 25th at 3:01 am EST!