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Lionel is a black homosexual press writer known for his scandal release on the Winchester independent. Despite being told that the Hancocks was a topic that he could not write about, he made it his mission to spill the beans. What makes Lionel such a unique character is his desire to be a part of the societal transformation. I love how Lionel is a blend of myself and often has awkward moments when it comes to slang. His style still makes him stand out amongst the other writers. He and his roommate attended pride parties to mingle and possibly find love, but some comments that were made didn’t sit well with him. That caused him to shy away from other, but I like how he doesn’t shrink from being in the presence of someone who likes him. I also like how he doesn’t entertain those who just sit there and ignore him.

My favorite scene was when Lionel came across Brooke who was completely wasted. It turned out that Lionel’s big story had put some kinks in Brooke’s writing career. Besides being socially awkward, Lionel learned that the kiss he received was just casual. Silvio left Lionel throughout their journey of pride party hoping, which caused him to question his intentions. I felt like Silvio doesn’t want to be in a relationship. His friendly and outgoing attitude towards Lionel doesn’t show Lionel that he is serious. When he said that he kisses everyone, I thought it was wrong for him to kiss Lionel because he is giving him mixed signals. In Lionel’s head believes that he is an interest of Silvio, but actually, he is just another fling to hang around with. If he didn’t want to be serious, he shouldn’t have shown Lionel the affection to make him believe that.

Lionel expressed to Silvio how their writing should go beyond the Winchester walls. He actually wants to cover new and uncensored stories which is something Winchester has never done. Not everyone was pleased with his decision to uncover the Hancock scandal, but it was brave of him to do that. I thought that Lionel was getting unnecessary criticism from people that should have his back. Troy broke a glass window and gets showered with women, but poor Lionel gets left behind that is until his new admire sends him a friend request. I think that Lionel and Wesley would make a great couple. Hopefully, he treats Lionel better than Silvio does.