Gotham Recap: BloodRush

Hello Gothamites! Back again with a recap on ‘blood rush’, the eight episode, so let’s dive straight in!

Edward and Isabelle’s relationship is still going strong. But Edward still freaks out when Isabelle puts on her backup glasses that look just like the ones Kringle wore (the girl Edward has killed by accident). Edward flees to the bathroom where miss Kringle appears to him in the mirror and tells him that the only reason he likes Isabelle is because she looks just like her. That is something Oswald is agreeing with. Oswald proposes to Edward that they break up so that he can keep Isabelle save. He could lose his mind one day and he knows he could never live with himself if something goes wrong. But Edward can’t simply break Isabelle’s heart and asks Oswald to do it for him, who gladly accepts.


When Oswald goes to Isabelle to break up, she first can’t believe it, but then decides to fight for Ed’s love. Especially when she figures out that Oswald feels the same about Edward. She is about to head out of town for a librarians convention but decides she can be late and invites Edward over to her place. There she has dressed as the splitting image of Kristen to help Edward get over his fear. She even lets him put his hands around her neck. As soon as ed calmed down they start making out, so it’s safe to assume that Isabelle was even later at the convention than planned. Some time later she is finally on her way. But when she wants to break for an upcoming train, she notices to her great shock that the breaks don’t work anymore. The last thing we hear are sounds like the car indeed came in contact with the train. But because we never saw the actual accident, there might be a chance that she is still alive. I secretly hope that she’s not dead, I just love Chelsea Spark’s characters! And the interesting thing would then be what happens to Edwards and Oswald’s ‘relationship’ when Ed finds out that it was Oswald who ordered one of his goons to mess with the breaks.


Somewhere else in Gotham we see Captain Barnes returning from doing groceries when he sees a suspicious figure with a truck. He doesn’t trust it and decides to follow the truck (like everyone, of course, would do…). But he is right because the figure is someone called the ‘Cleaner’.  Someone who makes sure that bodies disappear. Barnes followed the cleaner into a basement where the cleaner has already cut a body up and is dumping it in liquid acid. Barnes knows that the right thing to do is to arrest the man, but Alice’s blood in his body has other plans. Barnes can’t hold himself in and when he looses it he decapitated the cleaner.  That day is also the same day that Gordon has his first day back at the GCPD. And immediately he and Bullock end up on the decapitation case, but Barnes especially says that he is the one in charge.

Upon realising he can’t keep his condition a secret for much longer he pays a visit to Jervis in Arkham. He hopes that Jarvis has any idea about a possible cure. Jarvis says he wants something in return: knowing if he can already hear the voices whispering. Eventually, after Barnes gets pissed, Jervis tells him that there is no cure.

After that visit, Barnes heads towards a guy called the ‘Toad’. His name was given by the cleaner, where he got the bodies from. He single handed takes out five guards before he nearly slashes the guys throat open with a glass bottle. The toad tells him that they are not his bodies, that he is just a middleman for a plastic surgeon. This surgeon gives bad guys (and woman) a new face when they wanna start over. Sadly those faces come from real people who the cleaner then let’s disappear.

With this info, Barnes has no other choice than to visit the surgeon. When he walks in, the surgeon is about to slice the face of a young girl off, but luckily Barnes gets there in time and arrests the guy. But not before he starts to hear whispering voices inside of his head.


Since Mario and Lee are getting married, Falcone likes to give them an engagement party with the rich and famous of Gotham. Because Lee is back with the GCPD, Barnes is also invited. And also Barbara has found a way to sneak in. The more Barnes thinks about what he has done, the more he makes plans to turn himself to police custody for his actions. He even calls Alvares that he will be bringing in the person responsible. But that is until he spots the surgeon that he caught that same day. With much dismay, the guy had to be released due to his connections. Also, Gordon and Bullock don’t agree and as soon as they realise the surgeon is at the party, they go and get try to him arrested again.


When the voices in his head keep telling him that the surgeon is guilty he follows him into the bathroom. There they fight and the surgeon is even thrown out of the wall. And yes Barnes actually pushed the surgeon so hard that the wall behind him broke and he fell down onto a car.  Nobody at the party has any idea what happened and when Gordon can’t find the surgeon he walks out to go find him somewhere else. When he leaves he hears someone screaming who found the surgeon on the car. Somehow the surgeon is still by knowledge and tells Gordon that the person responsible is Barnes.

So how will this turn out for Barnes? Is he able to control his dark side or will Gordon knowing the murders mean the end of him? Let’s find out next week! Thanks for reading and come back for another recap next week!


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