Bryce has said his peace, and this week we turn our attention to Justin, whom has finally agreed to testify after receiving Jess’s blessing last week.  Beyond that, this week’s episode also finally gives us the verdict from the trial that’s been going on for 12 episodes now (about time).



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The primary theme that moved through this episode is friendship, and the episode started off strong showing the history of how Justin and Bryce became friends.  It was the 3rd grade. Justin was new at school.  Bryce, the perpetually popular kid, came to his rescue. The two were best friends from that day

But then Bryce raped Jess.  Jess was Justin’s girlfriend.  Justin was torn.  Does he rat out his best friend to protect his girlfriend or does he do the opposite?  He testifies that he was conflicted and that he chose wrong.  He goes into details about the rape and what he witnessed, but was it enough?

Search for the Polaroids

The search for the Polaroids continue.  Alex finally figures out who it is that has been harassing everyone.  He gets the crew together to finally confront the guy.  But who is it?  It’s Monte.  He’s the brute that is on the baseball team. Why does he do it? Because the team is his only escape from a miserable life.

Crew and Monte

So the crew (Zach, Alex, Clay, Tony and Justin) ask Scottie to help them out and they show up to Monte’s hideout.  Things get a little crazy when Alex pulls the gun out and demands for Monte to give them the box of Polaroid pictures.  Monte agrees but says they are offsite.  Alex and Monte leave to get the pics, but low and behold, Monte only said that to get away from the crew and ditches Alex in the middle of nowhere.

We are still wondering— who has the damn Polaroids?


Tyler has slowly been spiraling out of control since last season.  Cyrus shows up to confront him on his poor decision to post the pictures of the two of them vandalizing the baseball field.  Tyler is proud about his decision and says that he has contacts to more guns if they really want to take them down. Cyrus placates to Tyler to get out of the room, but then immediately goes to the school administration about Tyler.


Tyler and his parents show up to meet with the principle and they have decided to put him in a special school for kids like him.  When they leave the principal’s office they see Cyrus and have a small yelling match. Tyler, who had finally found a friend in Cyrus, is now alone.


The Verdict

The whole season has lead up to this moment.  Week after week we have heard testimonies of various witnesses.  We forget that the trial is really Olivia and Andy versus the School District, the build-up feels more like the rape victims versus Bryce.

Jess has been the primary victim that could actually make a case against Bryce, but she has thus far refused to testify.  She tells her mom that she doesn’t want to go on the stand again, especially after seeing how the current trial is going.  Clay and Alex show up a little later and say that they are behind her 100%, along with the rest of the crew.  She starts crying and decides to finally press charges.


Meanwhile, the jury comes back after deliberation and they make their announcement that they find in favor of the Defense.  People are crushed and disappointed at the decision and wonder what went wrong. Olivia gives a statement to the press, and while that is going on, the police show up and arrest Bryce (FINALLY!!!). Justin also gets arrested for assessor, which he was warned about from Clay’s mom.

Bryce will finally pay for his gross injustice, so why one more episode?  Come back next week to see what juicy morsels wait for you.