After three grueling months of waiting, the season six premiere of Voltron: Legendary Defender is upon us! Just one week is separating us from some animated goodness, and there have been theories about the new season circulating like crazy. And man, have we got some good ones.

Please note that at the time these theories were compiled, the trailer for season six had not been announced or posted. We’re working solely on what we’ve noticed in the show or clues given to us by the cast and crew!

Interactions between Lotor and Shiro revealed

Something that has been nagging at me for a while is the distinct lack of communication between Lotor and Shiro just before Lotor shows up at the Kral Zera. Because they went against the better judgment of the rest of the team, you’d think there would be some emphasis put on them and their plan. Yet the incident passes without much question and things move along as normal (or at least as normal as things can be out in space). I have a feeling there was some sort of crucial information in between the time Lotor and Shiro left the castle and when they arrived at the Kral Zera ceremony. And I’m thinking this information will come to light during the next season.

We know Lotor needs Voltron to access the unlimited amounts of quintessence he’s seeking. But, honestly, he could probably get away with using just the Black Lion. His father was the original Black Paladin, and now we have a scene where he was left alone, without record, with the new Black Paladin. I’m just saying…that’s shady and I am here for the drama that’s going to follow it.

Lotor may know more than he’s leading on

Having stalked the tags on Tumblr, I’ve seen numerous screenshot variations of Lotor. But this moment has haunted me since the season five premiere:

Is it just me or does Lotor look sympathetic here?

Lotor has been dealing with Haggar’s magic and tricks for thousands of years. And we can’t forget that Haggar used the same spell to spy on Lotor’s team as she used to spy on Voltron through Shiro. Lotor is wicked smart and somehow, I don’t think he’d let himself be fooled twice like this. Even if Lotor isn’t 100% sure what’s going on, it appears that he has picked up on the fact that something is off with Shiro and this is going to come up in some way during season six.

Though I think it’s highly unlikely for Lotor to be manipulating Shiro or using Shiro to manipulate the team in some way, it is possible. If he truly wants an alliance with Voltron, it’s possible that he is withholding his knowledge about Haggar’s spell to set up some sort of trap for the witch without involving Team Voltron. But on the other hand, if he is ultimately planning to double-cross Voltron, he could be using this to his own advantage somehow. Only time will tell.

Lotor Discovers His Relation to Haggar

Despite how adamant he is about being related to her, I think this is the season when we’ll see Lotor understand that Haggar and Honerva are the same person. On the flip side, Honerva may overpower Haggar and beg her son for forgiveness. Each glimpse we’ve gotten at Honerva’s memories seem to have gotten stronger with time, so it’s possible that Honerva will break through her witchy exterior at a crucial moment in the season.

Season five leaves off with Haggar giving Acxa coordinates to find Oriande. I believe this is going to spark the drama the inevitable mama drama!

Shiro Realizes What’s Wrong

So far, Space Dad has realized that something is wrong with him right now. His weird headaches, lapses in memory and the knowledge that Lance tried to talk to him on an ethereal plane are all too coincidental to ignore. While I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with him, I have a couple theories.

I used to think that Shiro was a clone, which was strongly supported by the Galra project known as “Operation Kuron” because “kuron” roughly translates as “clone” from Japanese. But at this point, I’m beginning to believe that it’s more likely Shiro has been manipulated and brainwashed to the point where he is a puppet for the Galra, specifically Haggar. As mentioned above, it is possible that Lotor has an inkling about Shiro’s situation and, if that’s the case, Lotor will most likely be the one to break the news to Shiro.

Another theory is that Lance will be the one who pieces everything together. It’s no secret that Lance dislikes Lotor, so it’s likely that Lance will try to place the blame on him regardless of Lotor’s knowledge regarding Shiro’s condition. Lance’s comedic personality often betrays his intelligence, but if Shiro continues to confide in him there may be an opportunity for Lance to do some sleuthing. And let’s be real, Lance would never pass up a chance to help a friend while simultaneously showing up Lotor.

 Shiro Steps Down as Leader Again

This one is a stretch, but it wouldn’t be out of character for Shiro to step down from his leadership role after realizing that something is wrong. Especially once he understands that Haggar has been using him to spy on the team. To be honest, I won’t be surprised if he tries to convince the others to put him on ice until they can either defeat Haggar or find another solution. Shiro has struggled with PTSD and self-doubt since the beginning of the series, and the revelation that he has unknowingly put his team in danger could push him over the edge. Whatever happens, I’ve got a feeling we’re going to see a lot more angst coming from Shiro in season six, and it might be better for him to be put in stasis for a while. Give that boy a depression nap, STAT.

Allura Unlocks Her Alchemical Powers


DreamWorks Animation

One thing we know for sure is that we will see Allura use her alchemical powers in season six. The question is whether her power will be used for true good or if Lotor is manipulating her into performing enchantments only advantageous for his own interests. Either way, if Shiro does end up stepping down as leader of Voltron, Allura may fill the role after harnessing the newfound strength she possesses.

Allura has always been a strong woman, something her voice actress, Kimberly Brooks, absolutely adores. And although she is happy to pilot the Blue Lion, I have a feeling that her new alchemical energy will push her to become more of a leader and grasp the ability to pilot the Black Lion if necessary. Do I think this is likely to happen? No. But under certain circumstances, it could happen.

A few random things to look forward to:

  • The high likelihood that Lance will become more outspoken and have his concerns heard.
  • During one of her panels at Fandom PDX, Kimberly Brooks expressed that she believes Hunk will be getting more attention.
  • In our interview at Emerald City Comic Con, Jeremy Shada compared Lance’s loathing of Lotor to the rivalry between Lance and Keith. It’s probably insignificant, but there’s a chance that Lance and Lotor may end up getting along in the end just like Lance did with Keith.

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Season six of Voltron: Legendary Defender premieres on June 15, 2018 on Netflix.