I’m sure you know who Stephen Amell is or at the very least have heard the name before. Stephen Amell is an actor, who has been in a bunch of little things but is most known for his role as Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow on the CW’s hit show Arrow. Oliver Queen is Robin Hood meets Batman. You might like the character he plays but he is even more likeable and relatable in real life.

Here’s 6 Reasons Why You’d Want to Grab a Beer with Stephen Amell

6. He was on American Nina Warrior

You’ve seen him bust out the Salmon ladder on Arrow but that’s nothing. He is really athletic, I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out that he was an actual vigilante. Stephen Amell showed everyone his athleticism last year when he competed on American Ninja Warrior. Watch him compete in the clip below.

5. He is basically a pro-wrestler

Stephen Amell is an avid wrestling fan but that’s not it. He is good friends with pro-wrestler Cody Rhodes, that friendship enabled Amell to actually have matches in the WWE. He had a short-lived feud with Rhode’s character Stardust which led to a match at Summerslam in 2015. It gets better. Cody eventually parted ways with WWE but his friendship with Stephen didn’t go anywhere. Cody joined Ring of Honor pro-wrestling where he joined up with one of the most popular wrestling factions worldwide, the Bullet Club. In November 2017 Amell hosted Ring of Honor’s Survival of the Fittest and officially joined the Bullet Club which resulted in him wrestling in the 6-man tag main event match with the Bullet Club, they won of course. Too sweet.


Photo Source: Bleeding Cool/Stephen Amell

4. He has his own coffee and wine company called Nockingpoint

Everyone likes coffee and wine, alright maybe not but a lot of people do and Stephen Amell does. His love of coffee and wine led him to start the company Nockingpoint with his best friend Andrew. They sell specialty batches of wine and coffee. At the very least if you don’t like coffee or wine, Nockingpoint does have a lot of cool merch which is usually Arrow themed. Check out the site, there’s cool stuff for everyone. Jason Momoa has his own exclusive wine called Dirtbag, available on the site right now.

Photo Source: Nockingpoint

3. He embraces trolls

Being an actor or actress certainly makes you a target on social media for trolls, many ignore them or block them but not Stephen Amell, he embraces them. Just look at this great twitter exchange below. At Coachella this year Amell tweeted about Beyoncé, nothing mean or anything but the internet took it the wrong way and began to roast Amell. He took it like a champ and accepted the insulting name of Wal-Mart Batman with pride.

Stephen Amell is the Wal-Mart Batman.

2. He loves his fans as much as he loves being the Green Arrow

Stephen loves his job but he also loves his fans. There are countless stories of how great he is to the fans and here is a prime example of him just being a great guy.

Stephen Amell is a hero on the screen and off the screen. When a little girl with cancer dressed as the Green Arrow asked Amell at Comic-Con if he’d be teaming back up with F*ck Cancer, a cancer charity. Of course, he said yes but he also gave the little a girl a handmade necklace that a friend had given him.

1. He is friends with Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) and wants a Supernatural Arrow crossover

If there’s one thing the internet loves it’s the CW’s Supernatural. Stephen Amell wants to get himself on Supernatural, maybe not as Oliver Queen but on the show regardless. Not only is Stephen good friends with Cody Rhodes he is also good friends with Jared Padalecki better known as Sam Winchester. It kind of feels like Stephen’s got the coolest friends. They’re friends, they do friend stuff, like prank wars and Stephen even made him a wine. Both the Winchester brothers and Stephen Amell talk about how much they’d like to crossover. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed that we’ll see Stephen Amell on Supernatural soon.


Photo Source: Stephen Amell


After reading all of that how can you not want to hang out with him?