My husband has been playing this card game called Magic since it came out in 1993. It was dreamed up by people at the Wizards of the Coast. I started playing it when my husband and I got together. There are books that go along with the game as well. I don’t just mean rule books. Actual novels. So what is Magic? It is a card game that allows you to summon magical creature to have an all out war. You can cast spells to heal and to do damage. If you play your cards right (pun intended) you can annihilate you’re opponents boards and kill them easily.

You start with a deck of 60 cards. 40 of these cards are a combination creatures, spells, equipment and enchantments. The last 20 cards are what are called mana. It is the “magic” that powers the summoning and casting of spells, creatures and equipment. They are also called land. There are 5 types of mana/land. Black is swamps. Blue is islands. White is plains. Red is mountains. Green is forests. Decks can be made of one color or all five or any combination between. There are also artifacts. This source generally holds equipment and creatures though it is expanding. Any color mana can be used for artifacts unless it specifically calls for a color.


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There must be at least 2 players to play a game. You can have many more though. Each player takes a turn. To take a turn there are steps that must go in order. The first step is untap any card that is tapped. Then you draw a card. If you draw a mana/land card you may put that out in your mana pool to use untapped. Then you can cast spells and summon creatures. Next is the attack step. You declare your attackers and to whom you’re going to attack. The battle then ensues and you see who is still standing when the dust settles. You may cast sorceries or instants at this time. Then your turn ends.

Magic The Gathering

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You start the game with 20 life. The idea is to get all your opponents to 0 before you. My husband often regrets teaching me how to play. I have 2 decks he absolutely hates, my saproling deck and my fairy deck. I take him out as often as I can with both decks.

If you have never played this game before I suggest you do. This game is a lot of fun. The pictures are beautiful. Except the spider pictures. I don’t like those ones. Have you played Magic before? Let me know what you think in the comments below.