Fear the Walking Dead returned for season 4, and dare I say it put the flagship show on notice! Well at least for one episode, we will see if Morgan joining the fray, and a fast forward in time is enough to pull ahead of what has become a bit stale in the regular show.

We start with an unknown cowboy in a field. He has his vehicle and a campfire eating some candy when he hears a noise. He starts to have word vomit, saying he hasn’t used his voice in around a year, and wonders if he is talking to loud. He finally sees a walker and quick draw kills the walker, meanwhile Morgan is right behind the walker with a stick trying to kill it. The cowboy asks Morgan what’s his story, something that will be a common theme.

We are met with a surprise, Morgan isn’t the only flagship character showing up on the sister show. Jesus goes to see Morgan at the heap, he wants to continue their conversation and get him to go to the Hilltop again. Carol is next to visit, saying that he helped save her, and she wants to do the same with him and asks him to come to the Kingdom. Last is Rick, who curiously says you can hide but you can’t run Morgan. Which really makes little sense, but Rick goes on that because Morgan saved him from the beginning, a lot of people are alive today because of what Rick was able to do.


Morgan contemplates staying on The Walking Dead or going to Fear the Walking Dead…..Ok he wonders about staying in Virginia or to head west. Photo Credit: AMC/Fear The Walking Dead

Morgan later decides to pack up his gear and just go for a walk. Above he finally makes it to a 4 way stop, he is replaying all sorts of conversations, seemingly from Rick as he sits at the 4 way stop. He stays out overnight, and we don’t appear to ever see a sign of a walker. Finally in the morning, he says to himself, “you know what it is”, and starts running on foot in the other direction(he looked back at the start). Morgan gets a car which eventually runs out of gas, he walks, he sees some survivors going in another direction and he makes sure to avoid them. He gets another car, which ends up with a flat tire, and more walking, again we don’t seem to see very many walkers in his travels.

He eventually finds a vehicle that has someone in the back seat, the person is injured and appears to have his lower leg bit. Morgan opens the door and tries to set a bandage and alcohol for the stranger. The stranger tells him to take that stuff with him and leave, he goes on to tell Morgan that everyone is on their own. Morgan keeps on and we see a sign that shows he is in Texas. He keeps walking into a forest where he sees the walker heading to a camp where he goes to try to kill it, meeting the cowboy.

The cowboy offers Morgan some food, beans and more beans, he also offers some shelter, he says Morgan can have the bed or the cab, he might feel good to have a covered area to rest his head for the night. He asks Morgan if he has seen a girl with an identical pistol to his own. He has been looking for this girl for a long time to no avail. Morgan says he has not. Morgan stays long enough for the stranger to fall asleep and he dips out like he picked someone up from a bar and realized where he was at.

Morgan continues his walk and finds a tent in an open area. He goes to peak inside and WAM, knocked upside the head. When he comes to he is surrounded by a group of trouble. The cowboy comes to help Morgan, he shoots the gun out of the persons hand before he can shoot Morgan. Unfortunately the group has more people who are able to surround the cowboy who surrenders his gun. Now the two are captured when someone in a swat vehicle comes driving up. The guys refer to her as Al. She admits she doesn’t usually drive at night but was near and heard a shot so wanted to see what was what.

She offers the rough group a trade as she likes new people. She offered a case of cup noodles and a case of Paul Mall for the two guys. She also has her hands on a lever, which is to automatic weapons. Leland, we learn his name, asks if she has the hand on a lever and that is essentially no decision to be made. Morgan, John, the cowboy, and Althea her name take off. Morgan wants to leave, but she says that she saved them and they owe her. When they arrive at her camp, she gets and heads towards the back, she gets into her bag and John gets his gun as a quick draw, she says he is quick. She says to calm down, she is a journalist and wants their story. John obliges, telling her about himself, and Laura. Morgan wants know part of it. Morgan looks to leave when John goes and offers him a clean pair of socks.

Leland and his men found the location and have them surrounded. John tells Morgan to hold on, Morgan and John fight back. Althea is heading back to her vehicle and is stopped, she tried to go for the lever but is stopped by Leland. While John is running away he opens a door and it lets out a bunch of walkers from a mobile home. Althea throws the keys in a pile of stuff as Leland goes to go look for it. Leland reaches into a tire and is bit by a rattlesnake. Althea heads over to where the Cowboy is, while Morgan makes his way to the rooftop of the mobile homes to try to kill the bandit. Morgan makes his approach and the bandit shoots Morgan in the leg! Morgan mans up and charges the guy, they fight hand to hand, the bandit is almost falling off the house into a bunch of walkers. Morgan reaches out to pick him up as he doesn’t want to kill, and the bandit punches him in the gut, they ended up falling through the roof. The bandit gets surrounded by a bunch of walkers, Morgan finds a grenade and unleashes it while he runs into the bathtub.

He leaves the building and the other two are there to meet him. Morgan says let’s go. Althea gets to her vehicle and Leland is still alive, he gets mad at her and says the keys don’t work. She says of course they go to her foot locker. They are struggling with each other while John shoots Leland. John and Morgan are surrounded by walkers, Leland is getting eaten by walkers at this point, and Althea tells the others to get down, she gets to the lever and mows down all the walkers.

The trio take off down the road, they talk about the dead, Morgan says they call them walkers from where he is from, Althea is happy he gave some information from his past. She says that Morgan owes her, so Morgan says pull over. She interviews Morgan, who says he came from Atlanta followed by Virginia. He talks about the communities Alexandria and the Kingdom, and a king who had a tiger. He says they had a fight, his side won, and he left. She asked for one real thing, he says he loses people, and then he loses himself. Morgan goes on his way.

Later, walking with his cane and gingerly, he sees what he believes to be the vehicle from earlier with the man he tried to help, and a walker in the distance. He tries to catch up to the walker, but others are behind him, Morgan trips and luckily John is there to save his behind and shoot the walkers. He tells Morgan, you know that thing about before about being alone? He doesn’t finish his thought, John looks like he is ready to head back to Althea’s vehicle, when Morgan says that walker, he has to know. John ends up helping him walk to the walker. The walker is in fact the man who Morgan tried to help before. Morgan kills the walker and then buries him. Morgan ends up back with them and says he is only traveling with them until his leg heals.

John says Althea took him to his truck, which wouldn’t start, and Althea is willing to help him find Laura in return for more of his story. Morgan tells Althea no more questions, Althea says she can’t not ask questions, and Morgan says no more answers then. She says well played but she will want to know more about a tiger.

Morgan asks what the 51 means on a sign. Althea says mile markers have been showing up as of late but nobody but the dead around to ask them about it. In the road is a person. Morgan said I thought their wasn’t very many people around, she says that’s true. Morgan and John say they don’t really like killing people, Althea says that’s a nice time to bring this up. They all get out of the vehicle, stupid move, to go and see the girl in the road. Althea asks for a med kit. When Althea gets close, to who turns out to be Alicia, she says bad people are here. Nick, his GF, and Strand all come rushing out and surround them seemingly taking them prisoner.