Nancy confronts Nick about the call she made that went to his burner phone. He doesn’t want to give up any info. She finds out that her mother’s car had a package from Tiffany to Nick. Of course Nancy feels very betrayed.

When George kicked over her bucket and there was blood not water. Ace and Bess are trying to help keep George from dying from the curse. When Nancy and Nick take off, Bess and Ace aren’t far behind. However the interview Bess was about to do with Rita was put on hold. Rita stayed behind. She gave George an eerie warning just before a light fell and burned the circle of salt.

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Karen comes into the restaurant to talk to Nancy about Nick. Karen wants Nancy to give her information about Nick to possibly take the heat off of Nancy. For some reason both Mr. Drew and Karen want Nancy to stay far away from Nick. Unfortunately for them Nick comes to Nancy with the package from her mother’s car. It’s a clock. They find a clue that lead them to books. Which leads them to Lilac Inn.

While Mr. Drew is talking to Ryan Hudson, Ryan thinks he hears someone in the house. While Mr. Drew is reading legal paperwork, Ryan snoops around their house. Ryan is concerned about money for some reason. Tiffany, who was Ryan’s wife had earmarked the Lilac Inn for landmark status. Ryan demands that Mr. Drew takes him there. Coincidentally, Nick and Nancy are heading there too.

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Ryan is very intent on getting his money. Nancy and Nick hide in a small closet while Mr. Drew and Ryan are in the house. They are able to follow the crumbs of clues left for Nick. Just when they thought they had got away, Karen walks out in front of them asking if Nancy had made up her mind.

As George is cleaning up the restaurant she finds a picture of Rita on the wall. Who is Rita and what does she want? I am really digging this show. I asked my mother-in-law if Nancy Drew dealt with the supernatural/paranormal in the books because she read them as a kid. She said it was more like Scooby-Doo paranormal. It was eerie and creepy until the mystery was solved then it was just plan old humans. What did you think of this episode? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…

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