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On this episode of Dear White People, Sam finds herself in a funk that she tried to drag out of. She engages in a clap back stans against a twitter hater. The facts just weren’t good enough in that case because she is pinpointed by everyone for the actions of her fellow African American students.

Dear black people became the new hashtag after a student named Troy broke the glass if Hancock hall. The heat began to turn up from the peaceful protest as some categorized it as a riot. That same night a house burned to the ground making their situation even worse. A coincidence it is, but if Troy was the only one engaging in the destruction of the property, I wouldn’t call it a riot. I think that the actions were made out to be a lot more dramatic than what they really are. Those two events placed Sam on the defensive side for what it seemed like to be a riot. Although Sam wasn’t responsible for the busted window, Hancock scandal, or fire she took the responsibility to address all if the internet haters who attack her for the actions of other black people. Who else was a little surprised by what Sam was doing in her dorm? I didn’t know pre-bating was a thing.

Troy’s return gave Sam the confidence she needed to keep standing up for the students of color. That newfound confidence led to a long night of clap-backs and several sips of red bull. By Sam being an activist, I feel as if it is harder to win a battle against the internet. Social media is a place where everyone is free to express themselves, but I don’t believe it is a heavy effective way to win logic on your side. To confide in the ways of those who are against everything that you stand for is useless. No matter what beliefs or facts we shove down others throats, people are still going to believe and think how they want even if we think its wrong. If it was the other way around, I wouldn’t want anybody to deprive me of my right to speak and think freely. Just know that there are only facts and opinions, sometimes logic doesn’t always win because everyone doesn’t think the same way as you and that’s okay. If we lived in a world where everyone would think the same, we wouldn’t have wars, racism, and other global issues involving the physic ways of humanity.

As strong as Sam is, she does break down after AltIvy attacks her family by calling her mother a monkey. I feel as if that was her breaking point and it would be mine too. Sam being biracial makes others question her reasoning for fighting for black rights if shes half white. Being referred to as a monkey is highly offensive and talking about someone’s mother is definitely a no-no. I’m patiently waiting for the turbo Sam to kick in this season.