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Joelle surprisingly has an amazing voice and it has been silenced by others. I think that in this show she is portrayed as a shadow of Sam. To me she is like a kitten with a tiger’s voice (Not literally of course). I can understand why sometimes it can be frustrating co-hosting with Sam. In this episode Sam acts really rude (Not purposely) while recording an episode of dear white people. It was as if Sam was hogging all of the air time from Joe because she was barley able to get a few sentences in. She even asked “Do I look like Sam’s sloppy seconds?”. Joelle is not just that ” one girl” that’s always with Sam, but some fail to realize who she is as an individual. She is an intelligent and beautiful black queen. Just because she isn’t as active and twitter battling like Sam, they doesn’t mean she is like Robin to Batman.

This episode did get a little steamy when Joelle met her anatomy classmate Trevor who so happens to be the student who is always coming up short under her test scores by a few half points. “It’s good to see a black woman on top” is what he said as his body languages showed his attraction towards her. Joes intelligence was a turn on for Trevor and that led to him wanting to get to know her more. In my eyes I think it is beautiful to see a man value a woman beyond physical features. In today’s society that is rare (I can say it was for a nerd like me). If more guys were attracted to girls based off of their soul and personality, I would’ve probably had a prom date haha.

I like how Joelle is showing more of her personality and not just being the shadow of Sam. Trevor is nice, sweet, kind, and a gentlemen who just swept Joelle off of her feet. It was refreshing to see the two have mutual respect for each other. They share common interest when it comes to black culture which makes their chemistry stronger. During the time they had apart, Joelle obsessed over Trevor from their beautiful date.

I was glad when Joelle came to tell Sam about her new man, she didn’t make it about her. That sisterly love will always be there regardless of what experience. Sam’s excitement for her growing relationship encouraged Joelle to bring Trevor into her side of the university. Trevor even shed some light on the fact that Sam gets more praise than she does, but she didn’t let that get her down.

In the end she finds out they her dream guy is a hotel and that he wasn’t who he said he was. When Joelle and Trevor were seen together by the others, she noticed that he was continuously on the defensive side when it came to black people in society. He even went as far as disrespecting Joelle and the others for being the way that they are. At that point I instantly thought that Trevor was no longer attractive. Intelligence is great and all, but his arrogant attitude killed all of that attraction that Joelle had towards him. I like how she stood her grounds and defended her friend despite being the one who never really gets to be heard. She made herself be heard that time and that’s why she will always be above Trevor.