The fifth episode of the season sets up the epic showdown we all knew was coming. Everyone wants to get their hot little hands on the idol, and just about every character has mounted up and set off into the jungle, with the noted exception of Aisha Tyler’s Lana. The Germans are on foot, led by an increasingly impatient Chris Parnell. Granted, it’s tough to start the day without breakfast and get rebuffed by your squeeze, but as his non-coma analog would say, “Jeezy Petes!”

Jessica Walters’ Malory has gotten wind of the idols’ existence and has trucked off with the French colonial force (all two of them) and a solidly unhinged Ms. Tunt. The real heart of the episode, however, is the interplay between Archer, Pam and apparently magic bird, Crackers. In classic fashion, their own hunt for the idol is off to a less-than-auspicious start. The natives were probably restless for their time in the spotlight anyway. The dialogue between them is some of the funniest yet in the season, and it’s no mistake that Pam, in whatever form, is often a fan favorite.

There’s a lot of thematic echoes and a fair amount of running gags, but also some nice callbacks to earlier episodes, which isn’t something you would really see in the more anthology-driven non-coma Archer. Because the Archer universe and the humor in it is so so self-referential, it will be interesting to see if all of the rappings on the fourth wall come back to visit once Archer finally wakes up. With a few more seasons of Archer to go, it wouldn’t be unlike Adam Reed to write in callbacks to Dreamland or Danger Island, confusing the characters, delighting the audience and potentially sending die-hard fans back to look for Easter eggs.

It’s getting hot in the jungle, and the clock is ticking on this slow-boil volcano of a season.


Source: FXX

What were your favorite lines from this episode? Any thoughts on what Lana’s up to while everyone else is in the jungle? Are we shipping Pam and Archer (again)?