The Art of Fan Art

To the Nerd Who Made Me


This week I am taking a slightly different approach to my usual art showcases. This one is an extremely personal showcase.

Most people can claim there is or was someone in their life that started their wonderful spiral into the nerd universe. Someone who introduced them to that book they can reread a thousand times, that show that can be binge-watched and never gets old, or that series of comics they now have every issue of. Of course, some people found their own path into the fandom(s) that they obsess over. I, however, am not one of them.

I can proudly say my father was the person who, at the time unknowingly, was the person that sparked my interest in all things nerdy. Sadly, four weeks ago to the date I lost my father to a very long and nasty battle with cancer. The man fought harder than any and every superhero to win this fight, but unfortunately, it was his kryptonite.

In the 30 years I was lucky enough to know the man, he introduced me to many things that made me who I became today. My passion for art, while it runs in my family, it was my father who sparked my interest. He had old sketchbooks filled with Spiderman, Ironman, The Fantastic 4, along with other popular superheroes from the 60s and 70s. Growing up I remember thinking, “I wanna be able to draw like my dad someday!” and the greatest feeling was when he told me years later that I had far surpassed anything he was capable of.

It didn’t stop there though. I was introduced to everything from Star Wars to the original Lost in Space, Speed Racer to Disney classics, even my passion for technology came from him. As I got older it moved from him introducing me to things to me getting him hooked on newer things. First thing I introduced him to Harry Potter, and though it took him longer than most, he managed to read all the books and see all the movies while still working and helping raise two kids. While I never managed to get him to attend any conventions with me, he fully supported me when I would work on my cosplays, teaching me how to use power tools so I could build my props, and always reminding me to open the garage when I started painting so I wouldn’t pass out (long story….almost happened lol)

The world is one nerd shorter than it was before, losing an amazing father and human being as well. He is one with the Force now and forever. RiP Daddio, thank you for everything you inspired me to do, and everything you encouraged me to be.

This weeks showcase is inspired by comics, shows, & characters that I grew up knowing thanks to my dad. There is WAY more than just these ten, but they are ten that clicked with me most of all.

1. Speed Racer by Idaiku17

Speed Racer by idaiku17

2. Spiderman in my way by Kadlamalice

spiderman in my way by kadlamalice

3. The Lost in Space Robot by MJBivouac

The LOST IN SPACE Robot by MJBivouac

4. Star Wars by Burgi687

Star Wars by Burgi687

5. Thor by Ekoputeh

THOR by ekoputeh

6. Fantastic Four by JPRart

Fantastic Four by JPRart

7.  Classic Ironman by Anny-D

classic Ironman by Anny-D

8. Flash! by J-Skipper

Flash! by J-Skipper

9. The Archies by HanieMohd

The Archies by HanieMohd

10. The Jetsons by Hognatius

The Jetsons by Hognatius