The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 Episode 6 “Household”

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The Waterford’s made a plea to the Canadian Government to return their daughter to them. June must pack up and go with the Waterford’s to Washington D.C. As to make a better picture of family wanting Nicole home they want June included to “complete the picture”. Aunt Lydia accompanies June to D.C.

Washington D.C. Is definitely a whole other world. Handmaidens are silent in the capital. High Commander Winslow and his wife invite the Waterford’s and their party to stay with them. Serena and Commander Waterford seem to have separate rooms. Surprisingly, High Commander Winslow and Mrs. Winslow have six children and still have a Handmaiden with them. Their Handmaiden effectively has her mouth sewn shut.

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June isn’t the only Handmaiden being used. Commander Waterford’s using as many as they can to send the right impression. With the images are out of the Waterford’s and June, Canada reach out to the Swiss as a neutral party. The Swiss want to speak with the Waterford’s and June. Commander Waterford is under the impression that the three of them will speak together. Nope. The Swiss want to speak to June separately.

June asks for them to keep Nichole in Canada. The Swiss want information. June offers up Commander Blaine. Nichole’s biological father. Back at the High Commander’s house, High Commander Winslow insinuates he wants Commander Waterford to come be with him in D.C. Permanently. I also have in inkling that High Commander’s interest in Commander Waterford is not All political. If you catch my drift.

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Commander Blaine comes to see June. June pleads with Nick to please help her keep their daughter safe. She plays the “Be a father to your daughter” card. Finally he agrees. The Swiss won’t deal with Commander Blaine. He isn’t who June thinks him to be. June and Aunt Lydia have a tender moment.

Who is Commander Nick Blaine? What is his role? Will the silenced Handmaiden’s become more common? Watch the episode and tell me what you think in the comments below. Til next week…


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