We are just a couple of weeks away from E3 2018, which means rumors, supposed leaks and “insider” information have reached a fever pitch. With the Uncharted series finished and a pretty extensive reveal of Shadow of the Tomb Raider earlier this spring, the only company I’m interested in seeing at this year’s expo is Nintendo. With an in-depth look at the newest Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo Switch planned and rumors swirling about Pokémon and Metroid Prime surprises, it’s hard not to wonder what Nintendo really has planned for their E3 2018 Nintendo Direct. 


image via NintendoLife

What surprises could Nintendo have in store for this year’s event? Here are my predictions:

Metroid Prime 4 Trailer

I’m still recovering from last year’s surprise reveal that a Metroid game for the Nintendo Switch was in development, let alone one that will continue the excellent Prime series (and hopefully forget duds like Other M). Since the reveal, we haven’t heard much. Rumors that Bandai Namco is helming the project, along with core developers from the highly-anticipated-then-cancelled Star Wars 1313 (thanks, Disney) have led to even more excitement as the international event draws closer. 

I don’t think Metroid Prime 4 will be released this year, but I do think it will come out in the spring of 2019. A trailer dropping during the presentation is inevitable, and a concrete release date window splashed across the screen at the end would be icing on the cake. 

Pokémon Gameplay + Mechanics Explained

With the announcement of Pokemon: Let’s Go! Pikachu and Eevee editions, releasing this November, I’m certain Nintendo and The Pokémon Company will spotlight the new advancements; providing details on core game mechanics, online capabilities and any bundles releasing with the titles.

Animal Crossing…Sort Of


image via The Verge

I have something to admit; I’ve never played an Animal Crossing game in my life (I did download the mobile game this year, but I couldn’t make it past the tutorial). I understand there is a desire for a new home console entry into the series, but I think Nintendo isn’t quite ready to  fulfill that want. Instead, we’ll be treated to a video of Animal Crossing’s Villager trying to catch butterflies with his classic net. At first, it’s going to feel like an announcement for an upcoming game, but — like with the Splatoon 2-turned-Super Smash Bros. reveal trailer — this is going to be an announcement that Villager is joining the roster for the upcoming fighting game.

Luigi’s Mansion DLC for Super Mario Odyssey

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At last year’s E3, we got Luigi’s Mansion…on the 3DS. I think Nintendo know’s that fans want another home console game featuring Mario’s ghost-hunting brother. I also think that Nintendo will help satisfy that hunger with a fleshed out DLC pack staring Luigi and his very own Cappy (maybe Cappy’s brother?). It would be a great way to increase the longevity of the smash hit that Super Mario Odyssey became. What’s more, a DLC pack starring someone other than Mario could open up the gate for new worlds staring Peach, Daisy, Wario and Toad (not to be confused with his Captain Toad iteration) and more! 

Bayonetta Sashaying onto the Switch…for the Christmas Holiday

When Bayonetta 3 was announced in December at The Game Awards 2017, we got a teaser trailer that makes the fate of our guns-for-heels heroine caught between the crossfire. We received a port of Bayonetta 1 and 2 this February, which left me wanting more. I truly think that we will get a firm 2018 release date for the now-Nintendo exclusive come June. 

Honorable Mention – Fire Emblem for Nintendo Switch

This one isn’t a prediction as much as a cheap party trick. We know a Fire Emblem game for the Nintendo Switch is coming out this year (we haven’t heard anything to the contrary from Nintendo). We haven’t seen anything more than a title card announcement, and I think a trailer with game play will be featured in the Direct this year to provide some more concrete details. 

The anticipation for what Nintendo plans to do this year is coming to a boil. Riding high after completely recovering (and overshadowing) the disaster that was the Wii U with a successful debut year of the Nintendo Switch, I’m sure they have some magic up their sleeves to keep us loyal to Mario and Co for years to come. What do you hope to see at this year’s E3 Expo?