TGON Plays: Tom Clancy’s The Division

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Hey everyone! Welcome back to another TGON Plays! This week I’m bringing you my latest addiction: The Division. It was initially released as of March 2016 and has become one of the most popular games on the market. Highly addicting, this game takes place in a modern day version of New York City. It’s a Tom Clancy game, and while I’ve never liked that brand of games, I do love this one. Picture it – Modern day Manhattan, plagued by the fever that is “Black Friday…” but while innocent people shop, and the not so innocent ones fight over who will get the last blender, behind the scenes of this chaotic day are terrorists. These terrorists infected every-day money with a new virus that will later be known as “Green Poison,” or “The Dollar Flu.” Soon, the city is plagued by a new epidemic: Death. The government has used every accessible asset in an attempt to save the city but to no avail. With Manhattan on bio-hazardous lockdown and in shambles from Rioters and Looters, and Brooklyn quickly following in NYC’s footsteps, the only course of action is to activate “The Division.” It’s a group of every day citizens that volunteered to act as a sort of highly-trained, military sleeper-cell agent.

You’re eventually activated as the second wave of agents – for some reason, the first wave has vanished and it’s up to you to find out their whereabouts. Once activated, you report to the nearest safe house to receive your first mission. You’re to rescue the Boston Police Department from an onslaught of rioters, and once that’s complete, your Commanding Officer orders you to arrive at a Landing Zone.


You, and the rest of the second wave recruits, are to go into the heart of Manhattan and restore order to the city. However, upon arrival to the Landing Zone, you and another recently activated agent are forced to watch as the helicopter carrying your team explodes. It knocks you unconscious and seriously injures your remaining teammate. A Manhattan Police Copter that had been following your team lands shortly after to retrieve the two of you and get you to a safezone. They guide you as you recapture their base of operations, and once it’s in Police hands, you work to rebuild and take on missions in the surrounding area. These missions include acquiring medical equipment for the Med. Wing, rescuing civilians from rioter hands, and bringing in more manpower to defend the base. In doing these missions, you’ll meet heavy resistance from armed thugs that don’t want the city to be saved.

The Division is a semi-open world First Person Shooter and allows you to roam throughout the city. Its set up is similar to Destiny’s, with futuristic “Tony Stark” style technology. Be aware, it’s not the easiest game out there. At the lowest difficulty I still died 4-5 times completing some missions. It also has a low range of customization abilities, so you can’t have as much fun designing your character. The Division is available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Microsoft Windows. While the game itself is fun, the graphics are sublime, and the storyline sparks interest, this game has any flaws.

From it’s mission difficulty to its narrow base of customization options, it’s got just as many cons as it does pros. I give it a 3 out of 5 glasses rating. But don’t let me be the final judge, try it for yourselves and let us know what you think!


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