It was another rousing episode for all our resident Quintis shippers! Which is definitely me so I really enjoyed this episode. There was humor, drones (though unfortunately not the Star Wars kind), some moments of tough love, and lots of genius all around.

So this episode starts out with Toby and Walter at another therapy session with Dr. Cecil Rizzuto, and despite the apparent make up at the end of the episode, the guys are still butting heads. Toby does a clever mock of Walter’s intro speech (you know, the one they only do randomly every once and while now), while Walter makes some admittedly hilarious jokes about Toby’s hat and the way he follows Happy around like a puppy dog. Dang, Walter, you’re way more observant than I thought you were. Or maybe Toby’s just super obvious about it…yep, let’s go with that one.

He’s actually so obvious about his obsession and recent relationship with Happy that Dr. Rizzuto notices without even having met Happy! With some pressure from Rizzuto, Toby actually admits that he’s been dating Happy. Back in the garage when Happy finds out that Toby’s let their secret out, she panics because Walter made a rule about fraternization at work. Toby says he doesn’t care about Walter’s rules and they should actually tell everyone, and in a ridiculous speech, Toby announces to Paige and Sylvester that him and Happy are finally in a relationship.

And the best part is he actually uses the word ‘Quintis’. Like he actually says ‘Quintis’ out loud as a thing he excepts. Later on in the episode he makes a quip about how it was between ‘Quintis’ or ‘Tappy’, and I was vividly reminded the fandom/studio battle of 2015. The studio had actually been calling them ‘Tappy’ in their Twitter and Facebook posts and the fans were so outraged by that awful name that they created a poll and CBS officially changed their ship name to ‘Quintis’. What a time to be alive! How blessed are we that the writers throw in stuff like that for us!

Anyway, Happy is really embarrassed, Sly is mostly confused, Walter is angry enough that he extends his rule to now state that team members cannot date each other or else one of them will be fired, and to every one’s surprise, Paige takes Walter’s side. What the heck, Paige? I thought you were supposed to be the captain of the Quintis ship!

The team gets their mission, from Sanchez of the Drug Enforcement Administration, which is to stop drones which are flying ridiculous amounts of heroine into the country from Mexico. Walter is worried that Toby will be a distraction to Happy in the field, so he orders Toby to stay behind and work from the garage. Paige stays behind as well to try and smooth things over with Toby after the huge blowout between him and Walter. This doesn’t work so well, and Toby spends the entire episode making quips about how he and Happy are dating just to spite Walter.

Walter and Sylvester build some sort of drone beam that shoots the drones out of the sky, and it’s working pretty well until one gets passed them because it has a different type of technology that is unaffected by the ray gun. Now Team Scorpion has to get that drone before the drug gangs do and realize that they can make more like it. The drone has some fire power of its own and nearly kills Team Scorpion before Cabe manages to shoot it down. However, the flying bullets hits the engine of their car, as well as Sanchez. Sly and Happy have to carry Sanchez to a warehouse, where the bullet wound has gotten especially bad.

Too bad there isn’t a doctor on the team…OH WAIT THERE IS. Except he’s back at the garage thanks to Walter. So Happy and Sylvester now have perform field surgery on this guy, lead by Toby through the coms. Happy isn’t doing so well with the blood, however, and tells Toby that she doesn’t think she can do it. Then, in a seriously heartwarming scene, Toby calms her down by telling her she’s the most incredible person he’s ever known, and the world’s best mechanic, and the human body is just a really complex machine. This seems to work, as Happy gets a hold of herself and whips up some crazy street medical procedure as Toby walks her though it on the coms.

I loved this scene because of how knowledgeable Toby was about medical things, which we already knew but I seriously love watching. Also the voice that Toby used to calm Happy down and the things he said to her were totally adorable. And Happy’s huge grin when she realized she faced her fear of blood and saved a guy’s life and Toby was proud of her was one of the most beautiful things ever.

Moving on, Cabe and Walter get into some trouble with the drug lords that manage to catch up to them, and just when they think all hope is lost, Sylvester and Birdroni save the day once again. Oh ya, I forgot to mention that Birdroni comes along. Well he does, and actually all the other drones look to Birdroni as their master, due to some fancy computer hacking by Toby back at the garage. All bow to Birdroni!

So the case has been solved, but what about those EQ issues? Well, earlier Toby confronted Paige about siding with Walter on this particular issue when Paige had been pulling so hard for Toby and Happy to get together in the first place. She claimed that she thought Walter was right that it would become a distraction for the two of them. I mean…clearly they were so distracted by each other. It’s not like Toby helped to calm Happy down and walk her through performing a major surgery or anything. Oh wait, he did! So then Toby makes the analysis that Paige wants to stand by the no-dating policy because that’s the only barrier left that she and Walter can stand behind to protect them from the possibility of their own relationship.

In the end, Toby doesn’t care much for rules. He uses Walter’s corporate credit card to buy a bunch of meaningless crap to make Walter angry. But it turns out Happy’s angry too, this time because she discovered that Toby had installed tracking software into her phone. Yikes. Toby, bro, I love you, and I love that you love her, but that’s a little intense. And clearly Happy thinks so as well. Toby argues that it was the tracking software in her phone that allowed him to hack the drones, but Happy still isn’t pleased that Toby’s become this clingy. He apologizes profusely, stating that he just couldn’t lose her again and he’s been in love with her for years and losing her in the white out was the worst moments of his life. AWW! Happy tells him that he doesn’t need to hang on so tight because she likes him a lot and he’s not going to lose her, literally or figuratively. AWWWW!

So together they go to Walter and tell him that the refuse to give up their relationship, so he either deals with it or they both walk. Walter grudgingly obliges to their relationship, though he still didn’t approve of it. Too bad Toby and Happy don’t care. Paige tells him that sometimes you need to be able to adapt and change to fit new situations, and that’s the only way to survive. Walt seems to accept this answer for now, so will he take that into consideration and pursue a relationship with Paige? Who knows!