Doctor Who Series 9 Episode 11

How does the Doctor deal with the death of Clara? By being in a continuous loop! This episode was Capaldi and Moffat at their best. Years from now, fans will look back at “Heaven Sent” as the moment Capaldi became The Doctor. I really feel that all the moments he had before earlier in the season was all built up to this episode. While being a one man show, Capaldi

dominates every line and second of screen time. The story of the Doctor being tapped is one we’ve seen before but never like this. I loved the direction they took this episode and the ending drove the emotional point home. I was on the edge of my seat begging we would get another five minutes to see where do we go from here. I also didn’t see the twist towards the end of the Doctor dying only to come back to get a inch closer to a way out. Seeing that montage was amazing and gave me the feels. I loved this episode and highly recommend to any who enjoys good wring and acting. Now the finale is coming and I cant wait to see how Moffat wraps up this amazing season.