Hello Hello, and welcome to this week’s review of The Resident. I am sure you heard, but season 2 is planned for the series, so that’s exciting! Let’s dive right in!

R 13.2Claudia is a patient of Devon’s, who has pain in the head and hallucinations. Felix, a gang member, or ex gang member, keeps trying to see her, though Conrad explains she is too ill for visitors. Another person shows up, an officer, who Conrad tries to separate from Felix, but it turns out Claudia has helped bridge a gap between the ex cons and PD. We get to see a caring side of patients we rarely see, the show so focused on the doctors. Makes you want to hold a small animal. Naegleria fowleri, 98% failure. Brain eating Amoeba.

IR 13.3rving pops up to eat a banana, and Decon rags on him. Out of nowhere, he offers to tag team with Devon, so they can call the owner who has the only medication that may save Claudia’s life. I love Irving so much. They left a total of 39 messages. The medication costs $48,000 because she is not insured. They have 4 hours. Luckily, Felix and the group she works with instantly gets to work. Turns out the CEO, Kevin, only carries the medication for Naegleria fowleri, and the 48k is the cost of the medication and keeping the lights on in the building, if someone else needs the treatment.

R 13.4

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York returns, with his mother. Yvonne, who knows nothing of his.. uh.. habits. She broke a toe, but during the x–ray, finds an issue with her aortic valve. She refuses to go under, but Mina comes up with local anesthesia, but wants Austin as her head doctor. Of course, York does not like his brash attitude. Mina and Austin have a moment, with Mina trying to hold the Raptor’s tongue during the surgery, and we learn Austin’s history. During the surgery, you can tell he is trying to bit his tongue. They drop something, but can’t say anything because the patient is there. Yvonne starts having issues, her heart beat becomes abnormal, and Austin puts her under.

R 13.5Nic is still trying to deal with Lane, and avoid her potential stalker. Sadly, her sister, who has been clean for a few months, slipped up. Nic begins to blame herself, but Conrad refuses. Lane offers to get her into a treatment center, for free. Nic refuses to have her help. Allie, a nurse Nic approached, calls Nic, and says she will get her all the information she needs against Lane Hunter, just swing into the office around 4 am. Turns out one of Felix’s friends owes Nic a favor, and shows up to her stalker’s apartment, and return the groceries.

R 13.1Shocker, Lane used Allie to set Nic up in breaking and entering, and she is arrested. She calls Conrad, and begs him to get her sister into a treatment center, which he does, much to Jessie’s anger. Conrad plans on getting Nic out of jail, somehow, but still has patients to deal with first. York’s mother wakes up from the surgery, perfectly fine. Sadly, Devon pulled up York’s file, and his mom saw an X-Ray with a condiment in his colon. Everyone who helped raise money for Claudia is in the waiting room, and find out she is awake, and just fine. Dr. Bell heard about what Devon and Conrad did, and flat out tells them if they had messed up, both would be unemployed. Ever heard the saying taking the wind out of someone’s sails.

Last episode of Season 1, and I will say the series is starting to shape up. Wish the characters had evolved more throughout the series. If you want to first and the last episode, would you notice growth? I don’t think so. Doesn’t mean the show is bad, but humans are always growing, always adapting. That is what makes us human. Until next week, Stay Shiny!