*Spoiler warning for iZombie season four, episode twelve.

Liv and Major on iZombie

Liv and Major on iZombie. Photo courtesy of the CW, screenshot by Linda Maleh.

It’s the last episode before the season finale, and New Seattle is finally ready to implode. Filmore Graves is on the verge of rebelling against their leader, Chase Graves. Brother Blood’s radical teachings have taken over the hearts and minds of most of Seattle’s zombies, pitting them against their human neighbors. And Liv’s time as Renegade seems just about up.

Filmore Graves announces that they’re going to execute Curtis, the coyote they captured, if Renegade doesn’t turn herself in. Knowing Liv’s selfless nature, her friends are worried that she’ll turn herself in to save Curtis. Major, however, goes the farthest when he kidnaps Liv and stows her away in a Filmore Graves safe-house outside of Seattle. He and Liv eat the brains of a happily married old couple that makes them act like a couple from the 50s for a while. The twist? After years of catering to her husband’s every whim, the wife finally snapped and attacked him while they were driving, causing both of them to crash. This catches up with Liv, as eventually she finds she can’t stand Major, and is still pretty pissed about the whole kidnapping thing. She locks him in the basement, steals the car, and smuggles herself into Seattle, all so that she can turn herself in as Renegade to Chase.

In other Filmore Graves news, one of Major’s fellow officers convinces him to confess that he thinks Chase should be overthrown by this point. He makes a recording of it and shows it to Chase, who realizes he has now lost the biggest ally he had.

We do have some good news this episode. Ravi finally lets Clive in on the secret that Liv is Renegade, but he also shows him the research he’s been conducting on Isobel’s brain to find a zombie vaccine. Since it’s Ravi’s zombie time of the month, he eats the victim’s brain and helps Clive solve the murder of the week. Turns out the murder victim is a girl who purchased one of Blaine’s million-dollar zombie cures, which allows Ravi to do research on her brain as well. He finally completes his research this episode and discovers that while he wasn’t able to make a vaccine from Isobel’s brain, he was able to create a new cure.

This is just in time as Blaine starts to put in motion his plot to have zombies take over the world. He tries to convince his father, Brother Blood, to turn his zombies loose on the outside world. He figures if they turn half the country zombie, and leave the other half as food, he could control everything, and profit off it. Brother Blood isn’t ready to go along with this just yet, but he has other things to worry about this episode. The murder victim this episode, nicknamed “White Girl” for her continuance to use makeup and hair dye to make herself look like a zombie even after she took the cure, was killed by a blow to the back of the head with a hammer. Since Brother Blood carries a blood-stained hammer everywhere, and had been videoed calling for this girl’s demise due to her betrayal of zombie-kind, he is arrested for the murder. A mob of his disciples gather in the police station, calling for his release. It looks like it’s about to get ugly when one of the disciples admits to the murder, motivated by Brother Blood’s rhetoric. The kicker, however, is that the Filmore Graves officer who comes to take him away has been taken by Brother Blood’s teachings as well, and secretly let’s him go. Brother Blood’s sway has now reached far beyond the poor and desperate members of the zombie population. There are clearly some high level officials loyal to him now as well, and who knows how far it extends.

You didn’t think that Blaine gave up that easily on his world domination plot, though? His father said that he needs a sign from God to be moved to make such an extreme decision as letting his zombies loose upon the world. In true Blaine fashion, he decides to manufacture a miracle. He picks up his father from the police station, and as he starts to bring up the topic again, it starts to rain brains. Of course it’s not actually raining brains. Blaine put Don E. up on the roof with a wood-chipper and a bag full of brains to put through it. The illusion is then given that it’s raining brains. Brother Blood doesn’t question it though, and takes it as a sign that he should follow Blaine’s plan. This can’t be good.

Brother Blood and Blaine on iZombie

Brother Blood and Blaine being rained on by brains on iZombie. Photo courtesy of the CW, screenshot by Linda Maleh.

If you’re a Clive and Dale fan, you should know that they’re back on. After finding out that Dale only broke up with him because she heard him talking about how much he wants kids, but she still loves him, Clive ditches new squeeze Michelle. He proclaims his love for Dale, and tells her he’s willing to do anything, even turn into a zombie so that he can spend the rest of his life with her. Dale happily accepts. It looks like this cure is coming at a good time for them too.

When Liv arrives back in the city, she tries to turn herself in to Chase, but it turns out her boyfriend, Levon, already has. She storms into Chase’s office, and convinces him that she’s the real Renegade. Chase is ready to let Levon go when Levon attacks Chase, hoping to make an escape for both him and Liv. Of course it doesn’t go well, and now both him and Liv are arrested and scheduled for the guillotine next episode.

Things have never been this dire for Liv or Seattle. We’ll just have to watch the season finale to see how the both manage to survive.