The reunion we have all been waiting for begins this episode of Lost in Space. In heartwarming fashion, Will and Robot draw pictures together on the wall of the cave he was in. Joined by Maureen his mom, and Adler, who seems suspicious of Robot. As he watches Will and Robot interact, he begins to have dark flashbacks of other members of the ship’s crew and they are building some type of containment device. To harbor something and destroy it if need be. Adler seems quite unsettled by this, could there be more to these alien robots than what was first assumed. I mean they did steal their technology, so who really is at fault.

So, Judy has saved her father and are back abroad the Resolute and Penny and Dr. Smith have survived their ordeal and they have reunited. John has some questions about good ole June Harris, but Penny comes to her defense. Remember, she was the one who talked the teacher into getting into the box to save their lives. John seems to let it go for now, but can you really trust June or Dr. Smith. John then heads to the bridge to talk to the captain about the people that are still on the planet. John doesn’t really know what is going on though since he was forced off the bridge after the captain received the message.

He then enlists the help of Zoe, because Maureen and Will are still on the planet. He asks her to help him access the information he needs to save his family. She is hesitant and doesn’t want to risk her position to help him out, however, she concedes with the promise of a future favor. In the meantime, Will and Robot continue bonding and teaching and learning from one another much to the horror of Adler. He can’t seem to comprehend their relationship and I guess he expects Robot to turn on them and murder them all. He voices his concerns to Maureen after she notices he carries a scar similar to Will’s. Adler sticks to his guns and insists they’re just murderous creatures. Then Maureen sees that the Robot destroyed the bit and immediately has her doubts.

Our poor and charming smuggler Don has finally been punished for his crimes. This time it was saving Penny, but what else could he do. Judy comes to visit him and thank him for saving his sister and to encourage him and motivate him, but, where is the drama you might ask? Well, these are the Robinson’s, insert drama. John is trying to save his family with Zoe’s help and Judy finds out that something is going on and Don lets it slip that they are working together. But that’s not the drama, back on the planet some livestock start to stampede because of a predator. During the stampede Will falls from his horse and Robot is injured trying to help Will and his new horse friend.

With Judy and Penny hot on their heels, John begins his search of the transmission so he can find out what it says. But he doesn’t know when it came in so it is going to take a little time. Is that a little bonding we see between June and John? Despite her bad deeds, she has a great understanding of people and how they think. While they may not be closer they do understand each other just a little bit better. Then the second bit of drama starts when John finds the transmission. It’s alien signals, a lot of them and it looks like they have targeted the Resolute. So it seems the captain of the ship wants to get out of dodge before they are found.

One of the horses is injured in the stampede and these animals have poisonous horns and the horse ended up dying. The robot made friends with the horse and placed a rock near him like in season 1. Adler is shocked to see that the Robot has feelings and is grieving the loss of his friend. At that moment, Adler may have his doubts about Scarecrow and how he has treated him. Now there is no time to waste and they have to head back to the ship. Adler sees that Robot has taken the horse’s bit like a token and has a change of heart.

June and John make a good and she shares what she found out. That is the Resolute is abandoning everyone who is not currently on the ship. What to do? Then Maureen finds out the same thing as they remove the alien engine from Jupiter 2. Maureen plays along and goes to meet her family where she learns the ship’s plan. On top of this, resources are scarce. Brillant Maureen comes up with a plan after seeing a gas planet. They intend to use the gasses on the planet to rejuvenate the ship’s resources. How?