I have heard the old adage “Music soothes the savage beast” many, many times throughout my life. Truth be told, it actually does work. When I am upset or angry I listen to music. As I watched the show Lucifer, I found myself loving the music. I wanted to know all the songs, though some of them I recognized anyway. So I looked and looked and finally found all the songs and artists to share with you.

I sorted the song list by episode:

Episode 1 Everything’s Ok:

Source Den of geeks

Creep Lucifer Cast originally done by Stone Temple Pilots

My Style by Beginners

Stole My Heart by Beasts With No Name

The Beast by Old Caltone

Running Start by Dotcom, Marius Del Le Mer

Episode 2 Somebody’s Been Reading Dante’s Inferno:

Source Netflix

Blood In The Water by Joanna Jones As The Dame

Get Set Dotcom, Marius De Le Mer

Work It Out by Stella And The Storm

Nothing Personal by Stella And The Storm

Poison by Bell Biv Devoe

Revolutionary by Robert Delong

Episode 3 O, Ye Of Little Faith, Father:

Source Episode Online

You’re The Bomb by Coalition

Don’t Let Me Down by Stella And The Storm

Quien Es Quien by Rey El Vikingo

Haunted by Adona

World On Fire by Klergy

Glory Box by Portishead

Episode 4 All About Eve:

Source Den of geeks

What You Did To Me by Stella And The Storm

Lightning Bolt by Jake Bugg

Silvia (Robobert Remix) by Miike Snow

Pretty Fool by Beasts With No Name

Say My Name by Kngdavd

Just Getting Started by Mawr

Buffalo by Growl

Hypnos by Delhia De France, Robert Koch

Episode 5 Expire Erect:

Source TVLine

Come Save Me by Jay Price

Shake Shake by Nessi

Great Intentions (from “the Nut Job”) by D’Amato

Automatic Response by Tristan Ivemy, Gem M. Jones

For My Eyes Only by New City

Good As Gold by Moon Taxi

Matter (Blu J Remix) Shallows

Strange Desires by Lizzy Land

The Streets Of Cairo Or The Little Country Maid by James Thornton

Episode 6 Orgy Pants To Work:

Source TV Series download

Cradle by Doe

I Only Speak In Friction by Plague Vendor

Pistol by Beasts With No Name

Feel It by Marius De Le Mer

Kerosene by Vanity War

P.S. 118 by Vinyl Spectrum

Decisions by Kream feat. Maia Wright

Golden Shore by Kyle Neal

Flood by Lhotse, Ellem

Episode 7 Devil Is As Devil Does:

Source Den of geeks

Not Your Hero by Becky Shaheen feat. Mally

We Love It by Outasight

Can You Hear Me by Unsecret feat. Young Summer

Caught Fire by Klergy

Episode 8 Super Bad Boyfriend:

Source Nerds and Beyond

Shooter (Club Mix) by Tosch

Ain’t The Best by American Gonzos

With You by Anything Anything

Wild Jungle by Beth Yen and Thurz

Judgement day by Stealth

Thinking by Noroy

River by Leon Bridges

Bad As You by Blueberry Johnson

Episode 9 Save Lucifer:

Source Wherever I Look

Work It by Madison

All In My Way by Tall Days

In Hell I Am by David Luning

Light That Fuse by Music Beyond

Want It by Emmit Fenn

Wonderwall by Lucifer cast origionally done by Oasis

We Come Together by Regina Price

The End by Klergy

Episode 10 Who’s Da New King Of Hell?:

Source Wherever I look

I’m Alright by Kenny Loggins

Round and Around by Cavedoll

Bang The Heat by Panauh Kalayeh, James Desmond, John Eugenio and John Adams

Dejavu by The Delta Mode

Oh Oh Oh by Hamster feat. Serena Foster

The Legend Begins by Mawr and Silverberg

Heros & Legends by 3 One Oh

Hallelujah by Fvr Drms

My Love Will Never Die by AG and Claire Wyndham

The Queen Of Hearts by Farewell, My Love

There you have it! The complete list of songs for Season 4 of Lucifer. I know I am satisfied to know the songs so I can listen to them as I please. If you like this let me know in the comments before and I can do other seasons for you. Til next week…