The Big Bang Theory – S11E20 – “The Reclusive Potential” Review

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In this episode, the main story is focused on Sheldon again. He has been writing to the reclusive scientist Dr. Wolcott about some successful progress in String Theory. Dr. Wolcott then invites Sheldon to visit him in his totally isolated ‘cabin in the woods’. Amy wants to celebrate her Bachelorette Party and Sheldon, on the other hand, is not much a fan of Bachelor’s Party. So, Penny and Bernadette throw the most boring party ever to Amy thinking that a woman like her would like this taste, but Amy too wanted to enjoy at the fullest at her Bachelorette Party like other women and then they go to a bar. Whereas, the boys have had enough of Dr. Wolcott at the remote cabin and . . .

What happens next is amazing! You would want to watch it for that.

Disclaimer : It is not again the best they could produce, but it has its own moment or two that make you laugh.

See you later with more of TBBT. Stay tuned and enjoy the long weekend!



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