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Overwatch 2-Year Anniversary Edition

Image source PlayOverwatch

Today Overwatch celebrates its 2-year anniversary, and justly so. May 24, 2016, Blizzard released what would become the powerhouse of their game lineup. Sitting comfortably with over 35 million (as of October 2017) players across the globe; Overwatch is the FPS we never knew we needed.

With a continualy growing cast of playable characters and a unique storyline, the game has something for everyone; especially those who don’t normally play FPS type games. While the majority of the cast adhere to the “shooter” genre, some of the characters break the mold. An armor-clad senior citizen with a rocket hammer to a teenage pro-gaming idol in a mech suit. Even a combat medic with a healing staff and robotic wings.

The story itself is based around the global peacekeeping task force, Overwatch, years after they have been technically disbanded (sorta), their covert ops division Blackwatch, and the mysterious group Talon. But, one of the main selling points for the game is actually its diversity. Not just with the character’s different play styles but with their cultural inclusion, physical appearances, and even disabilities.

Members hail from all different countries around the globe. They range from teens to the elderly, short to tall, skinny to curvy to buff. Many members suffer from physical ailments: some missing arms, others legs, one even a majority cyborg. One, Blizzard confirmed, even is autistic. Another, confirmed last Christmastime, as being gay.

Blizzard’s continued attempts to create a game everyone can connect to is a beautiful thing to witness. So, “Cheers, Love!” to another successful year! This week, to celebrate, I have found my personal favorite fan arts of each character from the Overwatch universe. Enjoy!

1. Tracer, Agent of Overwatch by Mr–Jack

Tracer, Agent of Overwatch by Mr--Jack

2. Reinhardt the Guardian by Doctaword

Reinhardt the Guardian by doctaword

3. Mercy by Serafleur

Mercy [with Speed Paint Video] by serafleur

4. Reaper and Soldier 76 of Overwatch by Turpentine-08

Reaper and Soldier 76 of Overwatch FanArt. by turpentine-08

5. Overwatch – McCree by Nakanoart

Overwatch - McCree by nakanoart

6. Pharah – 21 Days of Overwatch by KNKL

Pharah - 21 days of Overwatch! by KNKL

7. Mei by Claparo-Sans

Mei by Claparo-Sans

8. The Two Dragons by FullMeTalAof

9. Torbjorn by Scebiqu

Torbjorn by Scebiqu

10. Sombra by Liang-xing

Sombra by Liang-Xing

11. Symmetra by KangHaffiz

Symmetra by KangHaffiz

12. Ana Overwatch Fanart by NeoArtCorE

Ana Overwatch Fanart by NeoArtCorE

13. Widowmaker Fanart by Sunkeytail


14. D.VA by Porksiomai

D.VA by porksiomai

15. Handpainted Roadhog and Junkrat converse by Heysasoo

Overwatch Roadhog and Junkrat Converses by HeySasoo

16. Zenyatta by ChasingArtwork

Zenyatta- 21 days of Overwatch! by ChasingArtwork

17. Zarya by Serafleur

ZARYA - 21 Days of Overwatch by serafleur

18. Bastion Overwatch by Estivador

Bastion Overwatch by estivador

19. Doomfist by VVernacatola

Doomfist by VVernacatola

20. Moira by Nomnomroko

Moira by Nomnomroko

21. Efi and Orisa by ChupiArt

Efi and Orisa by ChupiArt

22. Let’s Drop the Beat! by Quirkilicious

Let's drop the beat! by Quirkilicious

23. Brigitte by Raikoart

Brigitte by raikoart

Wheew…..that’s a lot of characters @__@

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