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Episode Synopsis:

Jess and Nick make two life-changing decisions and Winston and Aly’s big day arrives.


The Wedding

The day finally came, that we have all been waiting for. Nick and Jess finally got married!! It didn’t go down the way I thought it would, but it truly went down in Nick and Jess fashion. First, at the rehearsal dinner, Nick and Jess get roasted by Schmidt and Winston, and it was actually pretty brutal. Their reactions were funny, because they kept on smiling, even though they were not enjoying themselves. Also, the couple broke a cardinal rule, and decided to sleep together the night before the wedding, which caused their wedding day to be a total disaster. At the wedding, Nick pretty much lost his job, and I felt like that was super unfortunate for him, because he just started his writing career. I guess he’ll have to look for another publishing company now to take on Chicago Hobo. What also disappointed me during the wedding, was that we didn’t see Nick’s mom. It would have been nice to see her make an appearance, since both of Jess’s parents were there. Also, the eviction made things worse, because at time point, things were going down hill for Nick and Jess. They were losing everything left and right. Toward the middle of the episode, things started to get super comical, because Jess decided to smoke her mom’s weed and Russell confessed his love for her. That part really wasn’t necessary to me because I felt like there’s always been a lot of back and forth between Jess and her exes and Russell didn’t need to be another one of her exes who wanted to get back together with her. I didn’t feel like he really had an interest in her anymore, besides being a friend, so when he confessed his love to her, I kind of rolled my eyes. I was excited though, to see that he brought back the valet cards. I also loved that Nick felt the need to fight Russell because after all these years, Nick finally had Jess for good, and he wanted to make sure no one was going to get in the way of that. Also, him and Russell together, always make for funny scenes, because Nick’s so in love with him. When everyone goes to the hospital for Aly’s birth, there were a lot of sweet moments between characters. Nick and Jess talked about their relationship moving forward and Nick’s little speech about wanting to take care of her, made my heart melt. Also, I didn’t know to expect when it came to what was written on the valet cards, but I was weirdly conflicted by it. I mean, it makes sense that they both would write “I don’t know,” but I kind of wished that someone would have thought it was a date. At the actual “hospital wedding”, we got a sweet moment between Schmidt and Nick. We got to see their bromance develop a little further and it’s always nice to see them support each other. Finally, as the wedding started, I was so happy that they played Groovy Kind of Love, while Jess was walking down the aisle because that was a great shout out to the wedding episode in Season 1. I was also a little disappointed in the wedding itself, because I wish it hadn’t gone so fast. I wanted Nick and Jess to say some vows to each other and gush about each other some more. Also, we didn’t even see them put their rings on each others fingers.


The Baby

Now besides the wedding extravaganza going on, Aly went into labor and had the baby. I loved that we got some scenes with just her and Cece, because they never really have any dialogue together, and I liked that Cece took charge because she knew what was happening to Aly. It was cute that Winston was so excited for the baby to come and him running around the hospital like a maniac, was so funny. He couldn’t contain himself. Lastly, I couldn’t believe that Winston named his and Aly’s baby, Danbill. What kind of name is that? And poor Aly didn’t even have a say. She thought it was a joke.