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At Slabside Maximum Security Prison, Oliver is determined to keep a low profile to shorten his sentence; Oliver is tested when he runs into old foes; Diggle and Dinah have taken on new jobs and left their costumes behind. – Arrow/ The CW

Prison isn’t great for Oliver Queen. In his dreams he sees Felicity and William murdered by hands of Diaz. Awake he is all alone — no one likes him especially the guys he put there. Oliver doesn’t have any friends and doesn’t want any. A newcomer in the yard approaches Oliver, says he (Brendan Fletcher) is “fan.” He wants to be a sidekick or something, he needs protection. Oliver doesn’t want any of it. On the bright side Ollie is getting lots of time to train and he is looking pretty swole. Muscle gains and on top of that beard gains — its thick yo.

Bronze Tiger, Brick and Derek Sampson aren’t very happy with him — no surprise there. The trio causes a distraction during dinner to get some alone time with Oliver. They beat down Ollie and aren’t very happy when it is broken up. Oliver is all alone but on the outside Star City is not — there’s a new Green Arrow and he/she is pretty brutal with apprehending criminals.

The inmates aren’t the only ones who don’t like Oliver, neither do the guards. Things aren’t great on the inside and a visit from Diggle doesn’t change that. Dig is still working for ARGUS. The FBI and ARGUS have been looking for Diaz but no luck. Diggle is thinking it may be time to call it quits on the hunt. Felicity and William are safe according to Diggle. They are in witness protection, Felicity is now Erin a barista with pink hair and lots of rings.

Everybody is moving on with Oliver behind bars. Dinah is now the police captain and Rene is teaching self-defense to kids in the Glades.  The lack of heroes is hitting the Glades very hard — which is evident with the fact that one of Rene’s students attempts to buy a gun. Rene intervenes like the good guy he is. Trouble breaks out and the new Arrow shows up to save Rene’s bacon.

Things in Slabside keep getting worse and worse for Oliver. His last tussle got Bronze Tiger locked up in solitary. With him out of the way Sampson and Brick need a third and they have ways to convince Oliver.

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A black and white flash forward breaks the episode. Some guy is looking for someone on Lian Yu.

So, I totally forgot about Earth-2 Laurel trying to be a good guy and replacing OG Laurel but that’s a thing. She holds a press conference regarding the new Arrow — he is a wanted criminal. Rene and Dinah don’t trust Laurel, but Dinah agrees that the new Arrow needs to be taken off the streets. He/she could get them blamed for vigilantism and their immunity could be taken away.

Curtis is now the head of IT at ARGUS. A little reunion of Team Arrow happens minus Felicity and Oliver. Dinah and Rene want help finding the new Arrow by figuring out his next target. The guys he has been busting are gun dealers — so if they can find a big buy he’ll probably strike there. Rene tries to talk Dinah out of going after the Green Arrow — thinking he is doing some good.

Another flash, the guy is now on the island and paid a lot of money to get there. On the island he has found Robert Queen’s grave.

Prison Oliver is ice cold. His “fan” tries to make friends with him again and Ollie denies him. Brick and Sampson try to recruit Ollie again. He denies them, and they beat down the “fan.” Ollie does nothing and walks away. Ice Cold.

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Alright, I lied he isn’t that cold. Apparently. the “fan” is his neighbor and Ollie confides in him that he needs to stay out of trouble for his family. He has no more faith in Ollie and leaves him with this nugget: “No wonder Star City has a new Green Arrow, the old one was a coward.”

Rene didn’t talk Dinah out of the bust and it is on. As expected the Arrow makes an appearance and kicks some serious ass. He/she has even adopted the “You have failed this city,” from Oliver. The Arrow escapes with that help of Wild Dog.

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Another flash. The guy gets caught in some trap. A dude in a Green Arrow outfit tells him he shouldn’t have come here and punches him in the face.

Oliver’s worst nightmare has come true. Diaz has found William and Felicity at the same time Oliver is attacked in the shower. Of course, Oliver kicks some ass butt naked. This seasons choreography is on point — top notch stuff. They have a message for Oliver, “Felicity is dead.”

Felicity’s fate is left ambiguous for a moment until she shows up at the prison to visit Oliver. Her and William got away thanks to ARGUS showing up in the nick of time. Felicity is done running. She is sending William to boarding school, he is whiny about it as expected but Felicity gives him the arrow head Thea gave her. Of course, there time is cut short by the jerk guard.

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The new Arrow is a real Robin Hood. The money from the deal has been given to business in the Glades including Rene’s gym. We learn all this from Dinah when she threatens to arrest Wild Dog if she sees him again.

Oliver is taking no more shit. He beats down Brick and the guy from the shower in the yard, brutally telling him he should’ve killed him.

The episode closes with a flash. The Arrow on the island is Roy and the other guy is William with the arrowhead. I’m taking two things from this scene. One, William seems less whiny in the future and is looking for Oliver. Two, Roy may be the new Arrow in town.

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