Hello friends,

I am back with a blast! How is your summer going so far?

This episode of TBBT brings again two stories in one episode. One revolves around Amy, Sheldon, Penny and Leonard and the other around, of course, Raj and Howard.

Raj and Howard are sitting in a hot-bathtub relaxing when they see a drone near the bathtub in (artificial looking) bushes. It was broken. Without trying to find out whom does it belong to, Howard goes ahead and fixes it. However, when Bernadette finds out this, she suggests them to check the video log on the camera fitted on it. Apparently, the drone belongs to a beautiful young lady and as soon as Raj sees that, he tries to give it to her himself. You must witness what happens after that! 😀

The main story revolves around the former four and it is as interesting, too. Sheldon finds a food truck on their street, which lures Penny, Amy and him himself into buying sandwiches that he thinks are unhealthy, he goes ahead and complains to the tenants’ association. When Penny and Leonard find out this, they try to talk to Sheldon and it turns out that he is the president, sole-member and the biggest critique of the association!

It takes a nice curve from there and I really hope you all will love this episode of #TBBT.

Stay tuned and keep showering your love on TGON, friends!