After a two-episode exposition, the wheels of the plot are creaking into action. This is a good thing because the season is almost halfway over. Whether we’ll get any glimpses of Archer in the real world is anyone’s guess, but there is some great self-aware writing that knocks on the fourth wall in this episode at least thrice. We can be thankful that Sterling Archer read the right issues of Doc Savage and had Tales of the Gold Monkey on his reality’s television because his dream world is hitting all the beats.

We’ve now established Chris Parnell’s character as a Nazi spy, with strong odds on Aisha Tyler’s island queen likely playing the Germans, French, Japanese and even the Americans all off of each other. The writing doesn’t play any punches with foreign languages, at least for the most part. Be prepared to brush up on your French, Spanish and German if you want to catch all the jokes. It’s worth it, especially if you want to talk dirty in German.

Half the cast is now after an idol, which is apparently not monkey shaped at all, coughcough, which means it’s back to the jungle. We’ve seen the man-eating lizards, we’ve yet to see cannibals, and the teaser for the next episode promises a fellow flyer from Archer’s past. If the episode opens with the type of strong banter and literal slapstick this one did, this season might just start flying high yet.


Source: FXX