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Rick & Morty Edition

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Rick and Morty, the show began in December of 2013 and since it’s debut it’s raised in popularity to the level of cult classic, with some hardcore fans even taking things too far. All that aside though, the demand for this show seemed to be almost cultivated from it’s delay between seasons. Well, correction, the delay between season 2 and 3, lasting almost 2 years. Thankfully, after some worry there would be no Season 4, we’ve finally found out Adult Swim ordered 70 more episodes, confirmed by creator Justin Roiland. Now we still don’t know when we will be getting these new adventures but fan are thrilled none the less.

For those who are unfamiliar with the series, the show follows Rick Sanchez, a drunkenly cynical mad-scientist and his grandson Morty, a socially awkward 14 year old. Each episode follows the duo and the rest of their family between daily life and the crazy misadventures Rick and Morty take through the universe and alternate dimensions. Typically, each episode has it’s own story, but continued stories and conflicts between family members do carry over from episode to episode giving the viewers an underlying, in-depth look into the families issues that many people can connect to personally.

Rick and Morty By Sawuinhalf

Rick and Morty by Sawuinhaff

2. Rick and Morty by Danny Chama

Rick and morty by Danny-chama

3. Rick and Morty by InfernalGuard

Rick And Morty by InfernalGuard

4. Pirates by twistedCaliber

Pirates by twistedCaliber

5. Rick and Morty by EdoardoAudino

Rick and Morty by EdoardoAudino

6. Rick and Morty by NanoeTetsu

Rick and Morty by NanoeTetsu

7. Rick and Morty : Total Rickall Tribute by RobDuenas

Rick and Morty: Total Rickall Tribute by RobDuenas

8. Rick and Morty Fan Art by Juandatruji

Rick and Morty Fan Art by juandatruji

9. Pickle Rick by Geogant

Pickle Rick by geogant

10. Tough Guys by Neonfatal

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