The intrepid women of Mutiny Photo Source: Courtesy of Bob Mahoney/AMC
“I have an idea.” – Donna Clark

“Let me start by asking a question.” – Joe McMillan

And with those final quotes, the critically acclaimed “Halt and Catch Fire” said its final farewell. The show that captured the essence of the fledgling tech world of the 80’s went out on its own terms: defiant, brilliant and utterly full circle.

With Donna taking the reins as managing partner, Joanie off finding herself in China and Hayley being a brilliant recluse, the Clark women embody some of the best (and worst) of the dearly departed Gordon. Change brings about a metamorphosis for Donna. Always a strong leader, she becomes a true master of innovation, inspiration and tech maverick.

Donna and Hayley, bagel bitin'.

Photo Source: Courtesy of Bob Mahoney/AMC

Change brings metamorphosis and also can bring about a bounce back to base zero. Cameron’s work with her investor turns into not-so-much game and landscape design, but a never-ending parade for sponsorship. Fed up, she ditches her and makes her way back to the Bay area. She makes her way back to Joe and consultant work. She makes her way back to a dream that wasn’t meant to be.

Cam and Boz, bffs forever

Photo Source: Courtesy of Bob Mahoney/AMC

And as for Joe: our protagonist sees Comet lose competitive edge to a little no-name company called Yahoo. When they achieve toolbar access before Comet, Joe shutters the company and seeks counsel. From a psychic. Pulling the death card from the tarot, Joe’s epiphany is the most life-changing: he leaves tech, leaves the Bay and more importantly, leaves Cameron. Metamorphosis complete.

Joe, professor of humanities.

Photo Source: Courtesy of Bob Mahoney/AMC

The end of the beginning and the beginning of the end sees our team together and apart. Donna-that brilliant mind always working-has an epiphany and asks Cameron to stay and work together again. And in the biggest surprise of all, Joe McMillan-captain of industry-turned his back on the world of tech to become a humanities professor.

I have an idea.”

“Let me start by asking a question.”

The final dialogue was concise, pure and captured the essence of “Halt and Catch Fire.” Thank you for the memories.