Poor Steven can’t get any rest because Ronaldo is at his door. He explains he found something weird while looking through the telescope. I found the exchange between Steven and Ronaldo hilarious.


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Ronaldo: “You’ve found something weird every day since my Dad got you that telescope.”

Steven: “Can’t you call Nenefua?”

Ronaldo: “Not a fourth time.”

This is important, though, as Ronaldo spots the barn via the telescope. And Steven immediately travels via Lion’s superwarp to the moon base in search of Lapis.

Apparently, Lapis only brought the barn as far as the moon. I found it bizarre that she’d been fleeing only to stay inside the moon base, using the observation device to spy on Beach City in her absence.

The Crystal Gems are seen fighting, with Peridot tossing up metal cans, as Pearl, Amethyst and Garnet hit against the materials with their respective weapons.

Lapis’ song Escapism is so sweet here, as she reflects what she learned while living on Earth after being released from the mirror. I was so hopeful that she was going to return to Earth with the Barn, and stay with the Crystal Gems as Steven suggests she let it down on the beach. They’d be neighbors.

“When you go back, we should all hang out more.” I want more hangouts with Lapis, Peridot, Steven and the Crystal Gems. I’d take a whole episode about this.


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Steven dozes off, dreaming of a memory of Pink Diamond, as she’s chastised by Blue and Yellow Diamond. Her excuses about the organic life being something she didn’t expect, and the fact that Rose Quartz was posing a threat to the colony of Earth. The last frame shows Pearl holding Rose’s sword, turning towards Steven as she unwraps the weapon.


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He wakes startled, explaining how he relieved a memory of Pink Diamond’s in the obervation room of the moon base, scaring Lapis. She worries the Diamonds might be coming, and can’t stay long enough to discover how an attack on Earth might play out. It seems her trauma during the war is too overwhelming to work through. Lapis leaves, opening the hatch as Lion grabs onto Steven.

Steven is sad to see her go, but is armed with new information about Pearl. He heads back home to speak with her.