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S3E2 “Two In The Box”: “Think Inside The Box”

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Pied Piper is feeling the compromise of sucess. In the scene of the night Richard confronts Jack about the new enterprise facing direction that his product is going. Nervous Richard is ready to make his impassioned speech about how Pied Piper can change the world and make billions, but he’s thrown off by the huge horse dick, and horse fucking in the background. Which is either just another dick joke or symbolic of the way that Jack is actually a horse’s dick and Silicon Valley is doing to Pied Piper what it does to all start ups, fucking it over. What led to this scene was your typical Silicon Valley set up. Richard does serious things, Gilfoyle and Dinesh fight, Jared is screwed over, Erlich is a jerk.

Richard Does Serious Things

The best times to watch Richard is when he has to be a leader. If the characters were all dogs Richard would totally be a chihuahua. And as we all know, are 50 percent rage 50 percent tremble. So he has meetings with Jack where Jack schmoozes him with corporate jargon i.e. Conjoined Triangles of Sucess, which really just means, “were going to feed your engineers and while their busy with their organic coconut water, we’re going to completely change what your company was. Mmkay?” This corporate environment is reminiscent of Hooli, and in this show they’re the Chuck E. Cheese to Pied Pipers Tony’s Local Pizza Place That Has Some Pencils Your Kid Can Play With While The Adults Eat (and yes I’ve already trademarked that name).

Gilfoyle and Dinesh Fight

While Richard deals with the adults. Gilfoyle and Dinesh fight over computer screen size. Until Jack comes in and gives Gilfoyle whatever he wants like your step dad that’s trying to impress you, but he’ll never win. Then the sales team comes in. Luckily, the only dissapointment that really got Dinesh was that Jared ruined the surprise gluten-free waffles.

Jared is Screwed Over

Sweet, sweet Jared. Actually fuck you, Jared, ruining the surprise waffles.


Source: Silicon Valley // HBO

Nah, he’s too fragile to yell at. Actually he’s not. He gets forced out of his house by an asshole AirBnB guest. Which, according to Jared, occupants have unlimited rights in California.So PSA everyone, Facebook stalk your future tenants to make sure they aren’t homeless. Or not and end up like Jared, who now has to get a lawyer to evict his unmovable tenant, and is stuck in Erlich’s garage until it’s all sorted out.

Source: Silicon Valley // HBO

Erlich is a Jerk

Still reeling from the relocation of his favorite incubees, Erlich sets out to bring in a new one and throw out Jian-Yang. He gives him his traditional parting gift of a kimono, which he knows is culturally insensitive, but Jian-Yang is still pissed that he’s getting evicted.
Until Jared’s situation shines some light on an alternative to leaving Erich’s.

In the last few minutes we’re left with the Pied Piper team watching the easy to sell, enterprise facing, Pied Piper box’s, commerical. Dinesh and Gilfoyle are eating jello from a watermelon unaware that they are now going to be working on new age VCR’s. Here’s to hoping that 2016 won’t be like 1984. Which is to say, next episode is going to be great.

Also PETA did not like the horse sex scene.

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