*Spoiler alert for iZombie season 4, episode 10.

The gang watching Zombie High on iZombie

The gang watching Zombie High on iZombie. Photo courtesy of the CW, screenshot by Linda Maleh.

This episode of iZombie is all about the criminal underworld of New Seattle. Major has to finally found out who the top people selling blackmarket brain tubes are. Liv continues with her Renegade smuggling operation, which has been turned into a well oiled machine. Ravi studies illegal Seattle immigrant Isobel, trying to figure out what makes her immune to the zombie virus. Dale and the police try to find a way to prove that Blaine and Don E. were behind the mayor’s murder, having been led to them as suspects after eating the mayor’s brain. Last but not least, the murder of the week is a rules-optional cop who put away some drug kingpins that are now out. So, where to begin?

Turns out Liv on Benedetto (the late cop) brain is not great for her career. It doesn’t take long for her to get suspended after assaulting a person of interest in the case. That being said, it doesn’t stop her from joining Clive in the interrogation of a suspect who swears he’s sworn off the drug trade so that he doesn’t die in jail like his dad. Turns out he has an alibi since he was in the hospital at the time of the murder, trying to remove a toilet seat that Benedetto super-glued to his ass. Apparently, Benedetto was dirty and involved in this whole drug operation – what a shock. It looks like the former dealer’s old boss, Ghansu, is probably the culprit. Since Liv’s suspended, most of the murder investigation gets relayed to us by Clive, but it’s a little hard to follow.

On a lighter note, the team spends much of the episode binge-watching Zombie High, which leads to Liv setting Isobel up on a date with one of the hot leads, Parker. Isobel admits that having sex is something she really wants to experience before she dies, since she’s fatally ill. This entire situation worries Ravi endlessly since he promised Isobel’s mother that he would take care of her. Cut to many scenes of Ravi acting like a very concerned, over-protective, adorable father. Unfortunately, he’s not making much of a better scientist as he continues to strike out on figuring out what makes Isobel immune.

Well there’s nothing like the bond between a father and child. At least, that’s what Brother Love stresses to his son Blaine. He tells Blaine that in this crusade of his to feed the world’s hungry zombies, he believes Blaine is the messiah that will lead them – he still thinks it was god who made brains rain down on him while he was in the well, and hasn’t yet figured out that it was really just Blaine, but he admits that Blaine’s voice does sound like the voice that spoke when it rained brain – hence, Blaine must be zombie Jesus. He convinces Blaine to come to his radical zombie church one day, and in a truly chilling scene has the zombies tear apart a housekeeper who had been abusive to Blaine when he was a boy. Blaine for one, is moved to tears.

Liv and Clive on iZombie

Liv and Clive on iZombie. Photo courtesy of the CW, screenshot by Linda Maleh.

Aside from investigating the brain tube black market, Filmore Graves sets its sights on taking down the new Renegade – A.K.A Liv. They manage to track down one of her coyotes – a 21 year old kid named Curtis who’s about to marry his pregnant girlfriend. They threaten that if he doesn’t tell them who the new Renegade is, they’ll kill him and then eat his brain to get a vision of who it is instead. He lies and tell them that it was Brother Love who convinced him to smuggle people into Seattle to be made into zombies. This buys him some time. That night, Liv puts a bug on Major to track down where they’re keeping him. Unable to bust him out, she scratches him instead so that his brain can’t be eaten. I sense we just found the guillotine’s next victim.

This leads to Filmore Graves investigating Brother Love and his church. Chase sends his French accomplice to check it out, but the Filmore Graves soldier seems taken by the service. It seems Brother Love may have only gained a new parishioner.

With only three more episodes of the season to go, iZombie is gearing up for it’s season finale. The episode ends on a couple of big reveals. The first: the guy who had a toilet seat stuck to his butt is actually the one running the brain tube operation. The second is the big one: after Major finds the tracker in his pocket, he figures out that Liv must be the new Renegade. Furious, he turns on Levon when he tries to defend Liv, and Liv throws Major out of the house. We may have seen the final straw of Major and Liv’s friendship. Still, I can’t imagine that Major would ever give Liv up, which would actually mean giving up almost all of his friends since Ravi and Peyton are involved in the operation too.

Earlier in the episode, Chase compares Major to the heroes of Star Wars, but it’s starting to look more like he’s Anakin Skywalker. Here’s to hoping Major doesn’t go completely Darth Vader on us.