In the previous episode of Riverdale, we saw insights on the strange things that turned it into Bizzarodale. From the insane sex dungeon, the business ran by Penelope Blossom to the shocking return of Glady’s Jones. Things continue to get messy as well as bizarre in the episode Requiem For A Welterweight.

Welcome To The Farm

You wanna talk about Bizzare? How about the stupid obsession that Betty’s mom has with the Farm. Betty identified the Farm as a dangerous cult of manipulative people. Her mom being so trusting of this group makes me so uncomfortable because she is willing to do anything to be a part of this group including the deadly baptism that we witnessed in this episode. It’s a tradition of the farm to officially rebirth members by causing them to experience a near death experience. Whoever came up with this baptism tradition is out of their mind. I thought it was stupid to put someone through such torture. I thought it was even more stupid for Betty’s mom to agree to the terms. I can understand her wanting to have a family again since hers tore apart thanks to her murderous husband, but there are other things she could’ve done with her life like join a book club, join a social group of single parents, or simply start her own business. Not surround herself with creepy smiling people in white attire. I suspect the farm has something to do with the G&G murderous acts.

Veronica’s Debt

Veronica drilled herself in a deep hole with Gladys and Hiram and now she has to figure out how to dig herself out without causing a commotion in her family as well as Jugheads. Gladys being in Riverdale has sparked intimidation in Hiram, which made it hard for him to surrender his drug business. Luckily Veronica was able to convince him to stay focused on something more legal, like the prisons he intended to build while Glady’s took over the drug business. My question now is Why does Glady’s want to be involved in the drug business when she has children? and Why Riverdale? It was delightful to see Hiram cower against Glady’s. When Veronica owned up to her actions, her debt doubled to her now owing her father money. Although Veronica is doing a great job of taking responsibility for her actions, it’s on a matter of time before both of the family secrets come to the light.

Archie The Champ

It was great to see Archie channel his anger into a more therapeutic activity than drinking away his troubles. It’s even better because we get to see him shirtless more often *wink, wink*. Anxious about making a name for himself, Archie actually dug himself a grave with a big-time boxer for five thousand dollars. When Josie convinced him that is integrity was worth far more than the money he backed out of the deal which meant he would be hurt. It was obvious that Archie was the winner of the match, but a deals a deal. This big-time boxer was not going to take a loss to a high school pretty boy. It’s still weird for me to see Archie in such a violent mental state. It was even weird seeing him bloody voluntarily again since escaping prison. Josie is a great influence on him, but I don’t think they will last as a couple. Josie still isn’t out of her workaholic phase and I doubt that she will settle with Archie as a boyfriend. I wouldn’t think there would be anyone who would turn down Archie Andrews, but Josie has her mind on a bigger picture. For now, these two share a chemical romance made up of music, manifesting, and attraction. I’m interested to see how long these two last and how their friends will react to it since they’ve been private about their encounters.

Rating: 2.5/5

This episode didn’t quite grab my attention like the others. The story angles are going in a great direction except for the G&G fiasco. I stand firm on the belief that is just doesn’t belong in this season. I really like their way of making this series creative, but this fantasy story angle is something that I can’t get with. Maybe if it was in season one or two. I originally liked Riverdale because it gave me the same vibes as I felt watching Pretty Little Liars. I was always surprised and anxious to see what would happen next. This season, I’m just waiting for it to be over with. The farm, the G&G murders, and the Lodges. I do love the story angle with Archie. I love how has to fight for everything without feeling like he is owed anything. I also like how is character is being redesigned into a more badass much like the transformation of Sabrina Spellman. I look forward to seeing how Veronica will keep these secrets and pay off her debt.

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