Source: OITNB // Netflix

Episode Synopsis:

The newcomers stir up ethnic and domestic conflicts, but Maria sees an opportunity. Judy’s special treatment raises eyebrows.

The Inmates:

Overcrowding is still causing a big problem at Litchfield.

Maria- We get to learn more about Maria in this episode, and we first find out that her father was a drug dealer and was all about supporting his Dominican community. When she’s older, she gets herself into a predicament, when she sees a man running from the cops and throws his stash of cocaine into some bushes. She runs outside, throws the drugs into her bedroom window, and when she’s about to return home, the cops spot her and nastily frisk her. Later that week, we see that Maria decides to visit the man who possessed the cocaine, in order to give it back to him. They end up getting friendly with each other. Sadly, Maria’s father finds out about the two, and demands that she stop seeing him. Maria refuses, and so her father makes her leave the house permanently.

Daya & Aleida- Daya is worried about her baby, but Aleida reassures her that when her boyfriend gets out of jail, he’ll be back to take care of the children. At the end of the episode, we find out that Aleida’s boyfriend isn’t coming out of jail anytime soon.

Red- Red’s storyline was definitely the comic relief in this episode. Her bunk mate has been snoring every night and is driving Red nuts. After talking to several people about what she should do to stop her bunk mate’s snoring, she decides to take matters into her own hands and finds anything she can to attach to her bunk mate in order for her to stop snoring. Sadly, all of them fail. The next night, Red tries yet again to prevent her bunk mate from snoring, by attaching objects to her pajamas to prevent her from sleeping on her back, but as an end result, her bunk mate ends up falling out of her bed and breaking her nose. This makes Red so happy because her bunk mate had to go get medical attention, which meant Red finally had some peace and quiet.

Piper- Piper is still trying to be dominant towards her bunk mate, but unfortunately, her bunk mate isn’t really phased by her demeanor. Piper’s also loving life because she’s finally on top in the prison because she gets to hang out with Red, who everyone fears. While talking to Red about her newfound love of power, Red tells her that she needs to have someone backing her up, like secret service. Funnily enough, since Piper’s bunk mate doesn’t care about Piper being dominant, she agrees to be Piper’s wing woman.

Cindy- Cindy and her bunk mate are at war with each other. First, Cindy wouldn’t let her bunk mate leave her shoes on the floor, since her bunk was on top. Then she complained to her bunk mate about the space being using in their cubicle. She thought it was unnecessary for her to use the floor and half of the windowsill. And lastly, Cindy’s bunk mate finally gets back at her when she leaves a soda on the windowsill, and Cindy decides to take it for herself. When she goes to open the bottle, it explodes in her face.

Caputo- We’re really seeing all the difficulties Caputo is facing and it’s A LOT. First off, in order to make everyone happy in the overcrowded prison, Caputo thinks the inmates will be happy with the fact that he’s giving them earplugs to drown the noise out. Well, the response definitely wasn’t positive, along with the fact that they didn’t want to learn breathing exercises. More stress ensues when, Gloria let’s Sofia’s wife know that Sophia has been locked up in the shoe. Sophia’s wife drives over to Litchfield and faces Caputo. She demands that he let Sophia out of the shoe, but Caputo refuses because of what Sofia did. At a meeting, Caputo makes his case that even though guards from max have been helping out at Litchfield, they still need more. After much contemplation between him and the other people at the meeting, they come up with the idea of hiring veterans to help at the prison.

Judy King- Judy has been given the star treatment at Litchfield, but Healey has had enough. He talks to Judy about what kind of roommate she would like to have, and her requests are quite specific. The end result is that Yoga Jones is chosen to be Judy’s roommate. After a little while, Yoga Jones confronts Judy about how she’s uncomfortable with the idea of being alone with her, when everyone else is suffering in close quarters. Eventually, she gives in when Judy offers her some tea.

Blanca- Blanca has had it with being pushed around by people. She decides to take matters into her own hands. She fights with two girls who want to change the channel in the TV room, but Blanca wins the first round. Later, she runs into them again in a stairwell, and doesn’t get let off easy. The girls push her down the stairs. Maria sees what has happened, and tells Blanca that she’ll take care of them. Blanca and Maria definitely think they’re starting to get on top as well.

Pennsatucky & Big Boo- A the dining hall, the two see Maritza and Flaca talking  and wonder if Maritza has been violated yet by Coates. To them, she seemed fine, so Pennsatucky wonders why it only happened to her. She tries talking to Maritza later and tries to give her hints about different things that she did with Coates, but Maritza only looks confused and thinks that Pennsatucky has lost her mind.

This episode was mostly about Maria, but there was definitely a lot going on. There’s definitely a lot of dominance going on between racial groups and that’s really going to cause some serious friction down the road. I’m not sure I’m liking all these new characters at Litchfield. I’m enjoying the back and forth between Piper and her bunk mate and the drama between Cindy and her bunk mate, but it kind of sucks that we’re missing out on the other important characters. I’m sure we’ll see the others more in future episodes, but they’re just so much going on now that it’s hard to compact the episodes with specific story lines. The first episode was good because it had a few story lines, but this one had several going on at once.