While most of my shows have been a lock for renewal (RIP, Brooklyn 99) once again this year Timeless, the scifi/fantasy show about a group of historians, scientists, and soldiers going back in time to save the country from becoming someplace akin to Gillead but without the cool robes is back on the bubble. Iw ould say I don’t understand why, but when a show that’s marketed as a multi-generational family show airs on Sunday night at 10/9c, it’s easy to see why the Live +7 ratings go up so much. But here are my reasons that Timeless deserves a season 3:


1.) It’s Effortlessly Inclusive 

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With a diverse team both behind and in front of the lens, it’s really no wonder that Timeless has some complex, three-dimensional characters of different ethnicities, sexual orientations, and race. And it’s never brought up as a Thing, it just is. They don’t feel a need to justify LGBTQ+ characters, or people of color not being criminals, or women in STEM, it just is because that is how television should be. And real life. The show doesn’t justify the existence of these people because they need no justification, and that opens it up to much deeper development of characters.

2.) It Holds a Mirror Up to Us

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They say those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it, and Timeless often has its characters and viewers asking whether they’re doing the right thing. As season two has progressed, we’ve seen the answer going from black and white to grey, as Lucy is caring less and less about preservation and more about salvation.

3.) It Has Great Character Development

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Between Lucy’s change of heart from allowing Lincoln to still be assassinated to saving the witches on the deadliest day of the Salem Witch Trials and Garcia Flynn going from “time terrorist” to a member of the team, Timeless does a fantastic job showcasing the development of its main cast, as well as the supporting team. I never thought I’d feel much sympathy for Connor Mason in season one, but by the end of season two, he’s become a multi-faceted character I can empathize with.

4.) It’s A Show I Can Watch With My Kid

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Obviously this isn’t just for me, but my daughter is nine and obsessed with history, and Timeless is a show we can watch together that doesn’t make me want to claw my eyes out. Considering the other shows she watches, this is no small feat. Unfortunately because it’s on so late, we can’t watch together live, but hey that just gives me a chance to screen it, first. My point is: This is a show I constantly see people talking about watching with their parents or kids, and there aren’t many hour-long dramas on television that give us that anymore.

5.) Garcia Flynn

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Rufus may be my favorite cinnamon roll on Timeless, but Flynn is probably the most interesting and enigmatic character on the show, which isn’t surprising, considering he’s played by Goran Višnjić, my doctor crush for years. Flynn has always been a character that we could sympathize with, even while hating his methods. Ever since he popped up in the pilot with Lucy’s future journal, I’ve been intrigued. His growth has been impressive, and while he doesn’t think he deserves his family back, I really hope he can save them, even if he has to move on, anyway. 

6.) Ships! Ships Abound!

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Whether you’re Team Lyatt or Team Garcy… or Team Wyssica? Winyatt? Garcyatt? Emmeynes?  You get it. No matter your ship, there’s something in the show for you. Even if you aren’t a shipper, the relationships and dynamics of the characters in the show offer more than just big effects and sweeping sets. When it comes down to it, the show is about the characters and how they relate to each other.

7.) The Fandom

If you haven’t noticed yet (and how could you not?) The ClockBlockers are a pretty great force and not one to be trifled with. Their passion brought Timeless back from the dead last season, and while the show is still on the bubble as of this writing, they have been flooding NBC and Sony’s social media with #RenewTimeless. There is fanart, fanfiction, and videos galore in this  new, but fierce fandom.

8) It Shows a Realistic Past

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So many shows want to gloss over the bad, or even just uncomfortable aspects of our past. It makes sense, because we like to think we’re better than that now. That we as a nation have grown, and being reminded of those growing pains is hard, especially when we haven’t come as far as we thought. Timeless doesn’t shy away from the ugliness in our past, rather, it highlights and venerates the people who fought so hard and lost so much to get us where we are now. We’re not done with the work yet, and Timeless isn’t, either.

9.) It’s a Critical Hit

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Business Insider

No, that isn’t a D&D term (but I think Rufus and Jiya could appreciate the reference). Business Insider just named it the best show on NBC. Critics love the show because of all the reasons I mentioned before, and it would be silly to try to build another show so well received by fans and critics alike.

10.) It’s Just Plain FUN

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For all of the serious shit the show deals with, it’s still just fun to watch. When I said it’s effortlessly inclusive, I meant it. The show doesn’t allow itself to get bogged down in the why of who characters are so much as just allowing them to be. By doing so,  Timeless is allowed to not take itself too seriously and let the audience just enjoy the ride. They have a lot of plates to spin, and they’ve been doing it fantastically.

11.) The Cast

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Time Team might have some tension in the ranks, and some messed up relationship issues, but the cast itself is a delight. Their interactions with each other and the fans are just fun and sweet. They commiserate with us, and celebrate with us, too. We need more of that.

12.) The Finale

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Honestly, if there were no other reasons (there are a lot) to renew this show, the finale is enough. It opens so many new doors and some amazing potential for new storylines that I don’t want to think of having it end like that. We need more. We deserve more, and Timeless deserves to tell its complete story.

I have many, MANY more reasons this show needs to be renewed, but a dozen seems like a nice, clean number. If you haven’t seen Timeless yet, it’s available on NBC.com and hulu, and be sure to check out the two-hour season finale Sunday night at 9/8c on NBC!!