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Brooklyn Nine-Nine “Monster in the Closet”


FINALLY…a new episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine! It’s been about a month since the 99 graced our screens and it’s good to have them back!

You know who else came back this week? Adrian Pimento! First spotted in poor Nikolaj’s closet, Adrian has finally returned after spending some time being tortured in a Middle Eastern prison. You know, normal stuff for him. Anyway, he is back and ready to pick things back up full steam with Rosa, because, according to him, “Life is Funny”. So they decide to get married…in 24 hours! Amy is more than happy to accept this ultimate planning challenge with the help of Hitchcock and Scully (chairs), Terry (hair and makeup), Charles (food), and Holt (decorations). Rosa’s allowed to just drink bellinis and relax.

While that’s all happening, Adrian enlists Jake and Gina to ride with him upstate to pick up some ruby earrings he pawned months ago. Something is different about Adrian, too. I’m guess we aren’t really supposed to have noticed it on the show, and they just decided to write him a little different, but he’s much less serious…sort of more of a caricature now…but he did cause lots of laughs so I’m not complaining! Moving on, the trio arrive to the pawn shop to find it’s burned down. Adrian and Gina take this as a sign from the universe that he and Rosa shouldn’t get married, but Jake isn’t so sure. They find the owner of the shop and realize she stole all of the merchandise and burned the store down for insurance, so they break in (Adrian’s idea), steal the rubies, and bust out before the owner can chase them down. Then, their car breaks down on the way back (another sign), but they find a small airport and luckily, Adrian can fly (I think?). Really conflicting signs here.

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Back in Brooklyn, wedding planning isn’t going so well. Holt is obsessed with making a huge balloon arch and Rosa’s getting drunk on bellinis (who can blame her? They’re delicious.) Amy tasks Charles to sober Rosa back up, but they start talking about how he’s not married yet and BAM! Charles is drunk now, too. Then, it becomes Terry’s job; jk, he gets drunk, too, because one day, maybe his little girls will outgrow him! Then Holt gets drunk because Amy hated his balloon arch! What a disaster! Amy’s only reliable teammates, Scully and Hitchcock (seriously), help Amy sober the rest of the goons up with fire extinguishers and the wedding is back on track.

Amy and Jake, the perfect team tbh, realize when they reunite and swap stories, that maybe Rosa and Adrian are self sabotaging. You know, with all of the signs from the universe and bellinis…not necessarily the way you want to be acting on your wedding day. So, while Charles performs with his firesticks, Jake and Amy talk to Adrian and Rosa about their reservations. They decide that maybe they are rushing things…they have a strong passion but don’t really each other that well. Taking it slow is a good idea for them.

Source: IMBD

Side notes: 

  • New Girl/ B99 crossover 2.0? Who else noticed that rainstick in both episodes?
  • Who’s better: Nancy Meyers or Nora Ephron? (I’m partial to You’ve Got Mail)
  • Are ballon arches classy or nah? (Holt and Rosa seem to think they are…)

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