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“Mindhunter”-S2E3 Review

#Mindhunter explores the real-life case of the Atlanta child murders in episode 3.
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One of the best parts of Mindhunter is how it can tilt the viewer completely off balance simply by suggestion. In episode three, we see Holden and Bill dealing with depravity in two very different scenarios.

While Holden is in Atlanta teaming up with Special Agent Jim Barney-a calculated move by the show, showing the dynamic upward mobility Black folk in the city are enjoying-Bill is dealing with a tragedy at home. Holden and Jim seem to make a solid duo: Barney is methodical, even-keeled and highly intelligent. He’s an excellent counterpoint to Holden’s high-strung excitability.

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As Holden and Jim interview two serial killers, the viewers are shown the crux of whom Holden Ford really is. Without Bill as his grounding force, it seems likely Holden’s anxiety would rear its ugly head. Instead, he appears almost bored in interviewing the multiple murderers. As the groundwork for Mindhunter’s entire second season is laid out with the intro of the Atlanta child murders, Holden is still very much nonplussed…even when he meets three mothers of missing and/or deceased children. It’s highly suspect behavior for Holden.

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Back in Virginia, Bill’s home life is turned upside down; one of his realtor wife Nancy’s listings was the scene of a murder of a toddler. It’s an ugly reminder to Bill that although he tries to leave work at the office or on the road, it can follow him home. As the community reels from the death of one of their neighbor’s kids, Nancy sinks ever deeper into despair. She tries to recall if she locked up after a showing at the home but is wracked with guilt.

When the details of what actually happened to the little boy come to light, the Tench family will forever be changed and defined by it. Stay tuned.

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