Only episodes away from the season finale and hours until Thanos arrives to Earth. Can the team save the Earth in time?


Source: Marvel Television/ABC Studios. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Catherine Dent as General Hale, Adrian Pasdar as Glenn Talbot, Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson.


Picking up immediately where last episode left off, Glenn Talbot is using his new found gravity powers to lift the piece of concrete with him and Phil Coulson through the air, taking him directly to the Remorath spaceship hovering above Earth.

The team wonder what the hell just happened, and Jemma Simmons explains that Talbot took all the gravitonium and is very unstable – and wasn’t very stable to begin with. Yo-Yo Rodriquez asks where Mack Mackenzie went, and she is told he went to make sure there were no survivors from the Remorath attack. As Mack makes his way through the corridor, a Remorath named Qajax reveals he isn’t dead and drinks Odium, the Kree rage juice granting him superhuman strength and the ability to feel no pain (while making you bleed black from the eyes and mouth). Mack tries hard to kill him, when Melinda May bursts in and says they need him for questioning. Mack knocks him out.

Talbot and Coulson arrive on the spaceship and are taken to the leader Qovas, as Coulson expresses concern for Talbot. He is unstable and suddenly extremely powerful. Talbot assures him confidently but unconvincingly that he has it all under control. They approach Qovas and Talbot immediately tells him that he is commandeering their ship. He kills Qovas’ bodyguard and orders the remaining Remorath to kneel before their master.

All under control, huh.

The team try interrogating Qajax but is doesn’t go so well. Odium is meant to be for the final battle, as Qajax ineloquently explains. Eventually Qajax just dies. Simmons decides they need to open him up to study the effects of Odium.

Qovas tells that the Remorath are at Earth to acquire gravitonium thanks to HYDRA, which means General Hale sold them out. Coulson finds her on the ship. She admits that she told them where to find S.H.I.E.L.D., because she felt it was needed to save the world. (Also, she was maybe a little upset that they murdered her daughter.)

Leo Fitz is trying to figure out what to do to get the Lighthouse back up and running after the power shut down, when suddenly, it goes back up. His grandson-from-the-future Deke Shaw activated it. Technology was kind of his thing; plus, he spent his whole life in the Lighthouse. Fitz goes to high five him, but Deke is horrified at how uncool his grandpa is. Elsewhere, Daisy Johnson is returning from her mission and is immediately accosted by Yo-Yo. She demands to know where she was. She says she was dropping off Polly and Robin Hinton, but Yo-Yo calls her out for lying and uses her superspeed to steal Daisy’s duffel bag, finding the skeletal remains of Daisy’s mom Jiaying. Daisy and Yo-Yo begin to have a superpowered fight.

Quake vs. Slingshot! I didn’t know I wanted this!

Their fight is cool but short-lived, as May breaks it up. She tells Yo-Yo that they are going to the spaceship to save Coulson, and if she wants no part of that, to leave.

Talbot demands to join the Confederacy, and Qovas tells him that there are limited seats and no one would take an Earthling seriously. He insists that they haven’t met an Earthling like him before. Qovas decides that he will need to look presentable, and Talbot shaves his beard into a goatee while Qovas fetches him an outfit – a blue and silver one with red jewels and a flowing cape, which looks startlingly like comic villain Graviton’s outfit.

You know, the guy who gained gravity powers and tried to split the world apart.

This ought to go well.

Deke finds Daisy in her room, and she is upset. She feels she should have stayed in the future, she’s messing everything up, Yo-Yo hates her, and someone pranked her and left lemons in her bed. Deke, realizing Daisy doesn’t know it is a way of asking someone out in the future, blames it on Fitz. He tries to tell her that he is in love with her, but she goes on a tangent about Lincoln Campbell; her last boyfriend who died for her. She never got over it. Deke instead tells her that he is Fitz and Simmons grandchild. Her mind is blown, and he hopes it doesn’t change anything between them.

Talbot speaks with the Confederacy, made up of several races straight from the pages of comics: Kree, Astrans, Kallusians, Rajaks. They barely wish to grant him an audience, let alone a spot on the council; there are six spots and six members: Qovas, Crixon, Estella, Taryan, Magei and Joqo. Plus, they have dealt with Earth in the past and considered them simpletons. Talbot reiterates that they haven’t met one like him, calling himself Earth’s Mightiest Hero.

Fitz brings Mack the remaining gravitonium and they install it into the Zephyr One, creating S.H.I.E.L.D.’s first spaceship. Fitz apologizes for locking him up earlier – even if it wasn’t his plan. Mack doesn’t accept his apology, saying that the plan led to Yo-Yo murdering a kid. Fitz and Mack argue over whether or not killing is sometimes the right thing to do. Daisy brings Simmons the sample from Jiaying and the C.E.N.T.I.P.E.D.E. serum, explaining her plan to keep Coulson alive. Simmons reluctantly agrees to help.

With the Conferedacy not humoring Talbot and not believing a human could wield gravitonium, he absorbs his most vocal detractor, Crixon of the Astrans, and notes that a spot on the council just opened up. The Kree Taryan is impressed with this display and introduces himself as Taryan of House Kasius.

Oh, damn. It’s Kasius, Sr.!

Taryan tells him that they were never planning on destroying Earth; it was a ruse to manhandle Earth into giving them the gravitonium before it was too late. After all, Thanos and his forces are on their way to Earth right now for the final fight in Wakanda. Talbot decides he needs to join the Avengers in the fight. He returns to the Remorath ship and tells Coulson that he made a deal with the elder Kasius, but Coulson warns him that this is a bad idea; Kasius’ son rules the destroyed Earth in the future. Qovas tells Talbot that Coulson must be lying, because the Kasius’ are a noble, respected family. Talbot, starting to crack, thinks Coulson is trying to steal the power of the gravitonium for himself. He makes Coulson kneel before him.

The Zephyr takes off with Daisy, May, Deke and Agent Davis aboard, and blast off into space successfully while guided by Mack, Fitz, Agent Piper and Yo-Yo from the Lighthouse. While in space, Fitz goes to check on Simmons and she asks him to get a usable DNA sample from Jiaying’s corpse.

The Zephyr docks onto the Remorath ship, and Talbot thinks S.H.I.E.L.D. is coming to stop him. Coulson is always stabbing him in the back! He orders the Remorath to kill the intruders. As May and Daisy arrive, Talbot threatens to crush Coulson with gravity if Daisy quakes anything. Hale says that she trusts Daisy, so Talbot crushes Hale to death instead. Daisy then tries to quake Talbot, which has no effect on him whatsoever. He knocks Daisy out. May surrenders to spare Coulson’s life, and the two are arrested.

In the Conferedacy meeting room, Taryan decides Earth isn’t useless after all: they gave him a gift. We see the Destroyer of Worlds herself; an unconscious Quake.

You can feel the endgame coming! Is Graviton stronger than the Avengers? Will this all it matter after the events of Avengers: Infinity War?

I give this episode a 8/10.